The Head Rules

The head rules the body not the body rules the head.

The body must not be in charge.

The church is the body of Jesus Christ.

The head is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ the head rules the church the body.

The church does not rule Jesus Christ.

The husband and wife in God have a union made by God. God made the union and this union is built up on a mystery.

The husband is likened to Christ he is the head. The wife is likened to the church she is the body.

The husband has the headship over his wife in God. God meant it this way. This headship is only in Christ.

This headship is not a headship based on any other religion or belief but is for the people in the church of Jesus Christ. This teaching is strictly for the church of God.

The wife in God is to submit to the head of the husband.

The wife is to have a head covering as a sign of respect for the headship of her husband. This covering can include and be the wife’s own hair. The wife is to have enough hair on her head to show up the glory of the husbands head. The wife is never to shave her head nor have very short hair on her head.

The husband is never to have very long hair he must keep it short as a sign of honour of the headship of Christ that the husband has.

There are known religious people that at God’s command are to never cut the hair on their head but that is usually [not all] for persons who stay single.

To see a wife with shaven hair on her head is shameful. She dishonours her husband and in doing so dishonours God.

A husband with long hair is a disgrace [unless God commands that the hair be long].

When the wife is in charge over the husband this is a disgrace. This is a perversion. A perversion is a turning away from God’s normal.

The headship of the husband can be lost. We as Christians can lose the headship of Christ. We can leave God become anti God. Without the headship of Christ there is like a chaos relationship of husband and wife. God brings order so without God there is disorder.

The mystery of the relationship between a husband and a wife in God brings order.

For the wife to rule from her body over the husband she only has the fullness of power if the husband has forsaken Jesus Christ. Power is in God’s Word in the head but without the Word of God the wife can easily rule.

The wife to rule the headship of Christ from her body will only make her body suffer.

It is perverted for a wife to rule her husband. This is a turning away from God. Such a relationship is only perverted. It is not a natural relationship. Now this teaching is only for Christians no other people.

To understand the head is to understand the thinking in the head. Thoughts are where it is at. The husband needs to think Christ like thoughts. Such thoughts make up the God head in him. To waiver away from Christ like thoughts is to pervert ones thoughts. Most of the human race is perverted in some form. No one is perfect in thinking along God’s thinking. No one can say I think perfectly. If it is hard to think God like thoughts for Christians just think how worse it is for non Christians to think good thoughts.

So when we see a man with long hair we think of such a person as exalting the body over the head. The body rules for him.

The body in it self ruling has no way of making a proper relationship with another body. Two bodies together without headship is degrading. This degrades the head and the body. Such relationships are chaotic and unnatural.

The headship of Christ of a man and body of Christ of a woman makes the only proper natural relationship because it is done in God and in the power of God.

All such teachings above are only understood in God’s way. Such teachings are only for the saved and those who will be saved. Such teachings are probably nonsense to the unbeliever.    

 Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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One Response to “The Head Rules”

  1. dirk Says:

    hey lester, looks like your blog is killing it, nice work!

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