Keep it Simple

Come on kiss. Come on kiss.

[Whispers] Psss Jonesy; Professor Seegal is out of his tree.

Quiet I am listening.

Everyone kissing. You; yes you in the green shirt. Are you kissing.

Sir who do I kiss?

You kiss everyone.

But Sir why should I kiss?

Kissing is the main ingredient of learning.

But Sir I thought listening was the main ingredient to learning.

Yes listening is a main ingredient but before you listen you have to kiss.

But this kissing to learn is so unnatural.

Class I am afraid that you have missed the point.

Kiss does not mean kiss kiss as in kiss someone on the lips or cheek. Kissing is about and stands for keeping it simple and straight.

Sir don’t you mean keep it simple and stupid.

Yes it can mean that too. But I prefer straight as in keeping it honest. Honesty is about truth.

Aha I see some red faces among us. So you thought that I wanted you to kiss someone as in kiss kiss. No but the kiss I want you to do enables you to learn. The more you kiss the more the learning curve goes up. Meaning the more simple and truthful the knowledge is the more you will learn and know.

Sir why not just say kis with one s?

Why’s that?

Well kis can stand for “keep it simple”. Because we know that truth is all simple then we get the truth in the word simple.

Sounds viable.

Sir a well known theologian of the Catholic Church named Thomas Aquinas [RIP] said that God our creator is simple.

Then that makes sense of the words “the simple truth”. I adhere to a simple truth and simple God.

Sir if God is simple and all truth is simple then why is learning so difficult.

Anyone in class able to help on that one.

Sir is it because learning has become so complex.

Yes and why has it become complex? You there what do you say?

Is it because we humans have waived away from the truth.

Yes we have wandered away from God’s truth to learn “Man” made truth. This truth that man has made up is complex. Man made truth is like putting big large stones on people’s backs to carry. Think of those text books that some students have to carry home with them. So learning has become complex; learning has strayed away from Gods simple truth. Mankind has become complex because mankind has wandered away from God.

Anyone know the reason for mankind to give up on the simple truth.

Sir is it money.

Money would probably be the main reason. But why money? Yes Phillips.

Sir to have lots of money means one does not have to work.

True. But work here has to be defined. Work has become a status thing associated with money. It is about class. Class and money is about a pecking order. The church has fallen for all this. True not all the church. Work coming from the past and divinely meant means “working with your hands”. We humans are meant to be cultivated people. Cultivation means working with your hands, weeding and sowing and harvesting. We work with our hands to keep the weeds out of our hearts and minds. It is an on going process. To resort to man’s own knowledge rather than God’s knowledge is to allow weeds to grow in the field. Our field is the field of our minds and hearts. Adam the first man was a gardener. He was initially a gardener in God’s garden called Eden. After his sinful fall Adam was cast out of the cultivated garden to work in the wild garden. But Adam was to garden on. In Jesus we Christians have come back to the cultivated garden of God but it is in spirit. After gardening for a period of time maybe many years we come to a rest where we glean the fruits of our gardening. But the gardening should not stop there. There is still abit of weeding to do. We must still use our hands. True the heavy work has been done so it gets easier. Our parents, grand parents and ancestors pass on to us the family garden. They either tended to it or let it go to ruin. We carry on the heritage and make of it as we will. We in turn pass on the heritage to someone else. So we are human spirit and in spirit we garden our heart and mind. The weeds are the bad thinking. We are to live a mind of Jesus Christ. All thinking outside Christ’s thinking is wrong. We learn to sow to Christ’s thinking and we learn to weed out all non Christ thoughts.

So we humans are cultivators in human spirit. We kis – we keep it simple. We feed our soul the simple truth and we feed it from spirit. God is Spirit and we are also spirit. Our spirit has the task of learning from God’s Spirit. Our soul is prepared for the next life in heaven. We learn from our human spirit to love our soul.

[Bell rings]

Class dismissed.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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4 Responses to “Keep it Simple”

  1. Graham Says:

    kis is true, but isn’t writing such a long complicated article about it, kind of contradict what you are trying to communicate?

    • Lester Says:

      kis is true, but isn’t writing such a long complicated article about it, kind of contradict what you are trying to communicate?

      Graham Hi

      I saw your comment to my article on kis [as above]. First thought of mine is “My writings are not complicated”. If you want complicated go and read the text books at a library. I would have thought that my writings are just simplistic and far from been complicated. In my thinking my writings are all straight forward. You say that I write complicated then what was all that teaching taught at bible college. Was that all simple teaching. Look at my writing on ” true vocation” now I say that God has for each of us children of his a vocation and that vocation is in human spirit to be expressed in soul mind and in doing. So if we are trying to do a vocation that is not in us to do then that vocation is complicated to us. It is simple to do a vocation that is already in us in human spirit. Now that is not complicated teaching [just wrote] it is very straight forward. If it is lies then again it will also be complicated not just complicated but confusing. So many people of God are in complicated vocations. Why? simple they are not in their true vocation.

      I write to write the simple truth in simple terms and explanations. You say I write complicated. Maybe you have lived such a complicated life that you do not see the simple truth any more. I write like I am writing to a child. True my writings are full of God theology but simple God theology. My writings are for the true believers of God. You have to read and read but the simple truth is there to gleam. I am no professor or worldly teacher I do not have any qualifications from any university I do not claim to have any merit in this world. I am a no body to the worldly people. Like I do not exist to them. They do not want to know me.

      So my writings are first for the believers in Jesus Christ. I have no claim to be the disciple of anyone but Jesus Christ. I am no student of any other teacher in this world. I exalt no other teacher but the one true Lord.

      Graham at bible college you often talked about people [like me] following the wrong Jesus Christ. I can just put that down to immaturity. At bible college I remember been in a class with Ray and there was a heated discussion. There was this faction in class especially one lady that ridiculed Rays insistence that Christians should have a time set apart each day to spend with God. This lady seemed to be you know up with the ways of the college you know confident “a player” in the bible college peers set. A high flyer in other words at the college. She astounded me that she would say what she said. My thinking “Lady why are you studying at bible college”? “what are you doing here?”Her reply might be “I am getting a degree”. My reply might be “Oh yer a degree I am having trouble just getting a diploma. What do you write in your assignments? Hey are you for real”.

      So everything is not what it seems.

      Graham you were at my wedding. Thank you. You were at my wedding reception. You spoke at my reception. We had a toast and you spoke to the people. I remember distinctly that you said that I was a simple man. Oh you probably do not remember and I can not expect you to remember.

      So you call my article complicated. Just looked at it again it takes maybe 2 minutes at the max to read maybe much less. What do you not understand about my writing please enlighten me?

      Graham I must ask you do you find alot of the bible complicated to understand? Do you find God and Jesus Christ complicated persons. Is John the Baptist a complicated man to you. Is Peter the Apostle a complicated man to you.

      I say all truth is Simple. I endeavour to write the truth. If we are in a complicated vocation then we are in the wrong vocation. Been in the wrong vocation will most probably make one sick. We must look after our hearts. From our hearts well life. Human spirit is in our heart. We can only be successful in ones vocation if we are in the right true vocation.

      So to write to me that my writing is complicated. You need to ask me questions about my writings not to just fob them off as unable to understand. I can easily answer your questions. Learning is about reason; reason is about asking questions. That is the simple way to learn. True teachers should take questions from the students and answer them.

      That makes me think “Are there any true teachers out there and where are they because I want to meet them”.

      Graham thinks “Lester has just made another long complicated e mail – boring”. Well Graham then just go and play with your play station. There must be plenty of games to play in your house.

      But thank you for your response to my article “kis”. It gave me an opportunity to reply to your response. And I have enjoyed replying to your response. My thinking is strong in what I write my focus is good in this area. So bring it on.

      Kind regards; Lester Murray.

      P.s What are your thoughts? why are they not on your blog? You have a bible college degree for sakes come on bring out your thinking do not be scared. I read a half hearted attempt of one article on your blog and wonder where is the rest. You have a coveted degree that must make you intelligent so I am expecting more from you.
      I have not been in to your blog for a while but when next I do I am hoping that I read more of Grahams thinking.

  2. Graham Says:

    Hey there Lester,
    I didn’t mean any offence by what I said.
    Rather I was just coming from my own personal point of view which is kind of a lazy one.
    I enjoy reading material that gets straight to the point in one or two sentences… then I can spend time reflecting on that one ‘simple’ point and see how it is relevant to me. i.e. I enjoy reading things which seem to have a practical application to my daily activities… ok so there is a gazillion billion trillion conversations and ideas going on in the world every day, and how are we supposed to filter them all to get to the real good meaty stuff that is true to the bible and deeply impacts our daily lives? (theres a question for you).
    I know you have some interesting points to make on your blog, I just find it hard to digest such a large word count… and your posts generally are much longer than other blogs that are out there… well the 10 or so that I have seen myself. I guess I’m a bit of a lazy learner, and I need to learn from a teacher who teaches me slow, slow, slow… that being said I’m sure there are readers who enjoy longer blog posts and like I said at your wedding you are a simple and great guy, and I’m glad we are friends.
    I know there are different methods of learning information, and research has shown that just hearing something is less easily understood than having a conversation about it. Blogs tend to be one way conversation, though there are comments posted they tend to be just for encouragement. e.g. “amen, that is a great post.” If we want our teachings to really impact our readers then I think it would work better if we took a more conversational approach to blogging. This means the following:
    keep your words short and sweet
    ask for feedback (both questions and statements)
    be open to a whole range of responses
    encourage others to respond even when they disagree
    gently lead people to a better understanding
    Anyway, that’s just stuff I thought of, even though I haven’t really done it alot myself. I have found that people who blog tend to just enjoy doing it for themselves… kind of like a diary… a place to get down some thoughts… and reflect on them… thats the main reason I started a blog of my own. I’m sorry if you didn’t appreciate my feedback. I won’t do it anymore if you prefer.
    Kind regards Graham

  3. Lester Says:


    Please give me feed back but expect feed back in return.

    Just posted another blog that’s 2 today.

    Take my blogs by the horns if you wish but there might be a struggle until the dust settles and we come to an amicable agreement on both our thinkings.

    Kind Regards; Lester Murray.

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