Law One: For every action there is an equal opposite reverse action.

Law two: For every positive force there is an equal and negative force.

Law three: For every truth there is an equal and opposite lie.

Law four: Light and darkness do not live together. Light overcomes darkness but darkness can never overcome light.

Law five: Everything has its equal opposite.

Law six: Where there is good evil is not far off.

Law seven: Jesus came as light to overcome the darkness of Satan.

Law eight: Satan was banished from heaven and sent to the world. Jesus came as light to the world to claim it for God.

Law nine: For Good to die the bad follows and dies too.

Law ten: To kill evil the good must die [c/- law twelve].

Law eleven: God in the trinity can die and come back to life. There are three persons in one. God is equal in each part of the trinity so God can die in one part and be resurrected from another part.

Law twelve: Jesus been absolute good died to bring death to absolute evil [Satan].

Law thirteen: Good always overcomes evil.

Law fourteen: When good dies God resurrects it and brings it in to heaven.

Law fifteen: Good wins always because it is on the winning side. God won heaven and is now winning the world through His Son.

Law sixteen: Where loves thrives hate is not far off. Love overcomes hate. Jesus is love; Satan is hate.

Law seventeen: Opposites attract.


Where there is darkness light wants to go and light up the darkness. Where there is hate love wants to go and bring love instead of hate. Where there is death life wants to go and bring life to the death. Where there is evil good wants to go to the evil to bring good. Where there are lies truth wants to go and bring truth to the lies. Where there is weakness strength wants to bring strength to the weakness. Where there is sickness healing goes there to heal. Everything has its opposite. But Jesus been all good died to bring death to all bad. The all good had to die to bring death to the opposite all evil. One cancels out the other.

I have flirted [just flirted – nothing definite] with the idea that God is good and bad [how can God be bad? We know God to be only good]. He could [and He could not] be both. How can evil exist in a universe created by God? Evil lives and all life comes from God. All power comes from God. Satan has a body a church. Satan’s church [body] can not exist apart from God. In God’s will there is light and dark power. Satan and his church are the dark side and live for evil. Jesus God’s only begotten Son has a church [body] and live for the light side the good side. In God’s wisdom He God made good fight evil. God in this wisdom planned to do away with the dark side. God made light and darkness but all along God planned to make the light win against the dark. Turn a light on in a dark room and the light overcomes the darkness. We can not turn dark on we can only turn light on. Dark does not overcome light. So in God’s wisdom we on the light side have to win. Where does Satan get his power from if dark has no power just as we can not turn dark on in a room of light? Maybe Satan’s power is all make believe and has no real power. If Satan does have any power it has to come from God.   

In reality life on this earth has two main bodies’ two churches like as two people. These two people Jesus and Satan both having bodies are contending with one another. We as members of the church are in the body of Jesus and each member plays his/her part in the contention. Satan has his own body of members. Jesus and Satan are fighting for ownership of the universe. It is just these two bodies each with a head at war with one another. It is far simpler to think of just two persons fighting each other. But each member of the body has a real responsibility because we in the body are in that body and we are playing a real life game. Both sides want to win. We as Christians must always remember that light always overcomes darkness and we know that from our observation of life on this earth in the natural. Jesus and His body are the light. Satan and his body are the dark. But why was there dark in the first place? When God first created when His power first came forth there must have been dark because God is light and His light came in to the darkness. Darkness has always been with us humans but eventually light will replace darkness. In heaven we assume it is all light.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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