Simple become Wise

“Every action has an equal and opposite action” [Newton’s law].

Charlotte Painter [American writer and educator, 1926- ] wrote: “If a thing is absolutely true, how can it not also be a lie? An absolute must contain its opposite”.

There is truth and there are lies both truth and lies been completely the opposite of each other. In magnetism we have positive and the negative. Then there is light and dark; simple and complex; good and bad; right and wrong; all things having their opposites.

At the heart of any complex problem is the simple truth. So we surmise that at the beginning was simple. The tree at its beginning is nothing at all like the tree when it is big and grown up. To be honest if we saw a tree for the first time and was told that it came from a little seed we might not believe that. But yes the enormous tree came from something quite simple a seed. So we look at mankind and all his/her problems and we can not surmise that to solve the problems we need only to get back to the simple truth.

The analysis theory of our learned friend Sigmund Freud was to bring: “Resolution of anything complex into simple elements”.

To digest our food we need to break it up. The saying: “food for thought”. There is the physical food and there is the spiritual/soul/mind food. Like the physical food that we need to have broken up to digest we need also our soul food broken up for our consumption. Our soul/spirit has to sift the food and make it digestible to us.

The bible: Ecclesiastes chapter 7 verses 29 and 30. As follows:

“This, however, you must know: I find that God made people simple; people’s complex problems are of their own devising”.

God in His wisdom say’s that we must receive God like a child. Be childlike not childish. As a child is more trusting and less complex in understanding then the answer lies in going back and realizing who we were and who we are not. We in our wisdom come “off the rails” as the saying goes. To get back on the rails may involve going back in time in our minds and accessing the rails back in the past so that we can again travel on our correct journey in life. It is hard to say that we are wrong especially in our adult life because to admit wrong is to maybe to look foolish.

We may ask ourselves if everything has its opposite then God been all good can also be all bad. But for a Christian brought up on a good loving God gospel he/she can not fathom God as having any bad in Him. We humans seem to carry in our hearts and minds all good and all bad. The universe has the light side and the dark side there is light matter and dark matter. How can evil exist if not for God? In a chess game there are two sides God made up the chess game and he rules both sides He gives one side to His Son and the other side to the enemy we call Satan. But God ensures the light side wins as He has to take a side and only one side wins.

To be simple is looked on as been opposite to been wise. But in God the simple become wise. In God simplicity is good. In the world simplicity is looked at as been stupid and boring. In the worlds way to be wise is to be complex but in God to be wise is to be simple.  

We have our opposites but in God He can make what the world or Satan thinks as stupid or weak become something really wonderful and such marvelous deeds of God make things right in the world.

The beginning is simple and the ending is wise. The seed becomes a mature tree. The cycle repeats itself.

The simple become wise not complex wise but simple wise not in complex lies but in the simple truth.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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