Sow And You Will Reap – And We Do Reap

I ask myself why is the worlds population been subject to bird flu virus and now swine flu virus?

I think the answer is in the pudding. The pudding is our pudd[l]ing minds. Our thoughts in other words. The sage’s advice – “the persons that we are is in what we think”. So mankind has this aura an aura of collective reasoning. We as homosapiens think – Why? because we have a language a language in what we call words.

Now who was the brilliant human being to come up first with the idea of these so called words? A human came up with that idea but certainly animals or birds or fish or for that matter insects did not come up with the idea of using words to make a language to communicate with other’s. Hey dogs came up with the idea of barking cats came up with the idea of meowing. Then there’s the hissing snake; birds tweeting.

But why did man come up with words and not the other creatures?

Hey come on cats use some gumshin and stop meowing and come up with a better language of communication. Dogs you should know better you will not make it in the world of commerce if all you do is bark. But do dogs know better do they reason. Can dogs put a word to items. But why should animals use words? hey why should words be the all great it. Hey come on humans are we as clever as all that. Can not say apes do better than us. Why should humans get all the glory over all other creatures? Come on apes do better than just grunt. Hey dumb humans the apes might say we grunt and grunting is where it is at. Words phooey.

So we humans think and that is our danger if we are not thinking good thoughts.

Bird flu swine flu all linked to birds and swine. Do we humans think good thoughts about birds and pigs. In our thinking for some people have pigs and birds been subjected to inhumane treatment. What is inhumane treatment? Not been human. But what are we supposed to be like as humans? Who for instance is our true role model as a human? Our parents. Our grandparents. Foot ball players; actors. Who? So who has been setting the trend for the worlds population in their treatment of pigs and birds? Look at Asian nations and their treatment of birds. All I can say it is deplorable. Treating birds without a second thought for the birds welfare. But Asia been as bad as it is in their treatment of birds is followed meekly by the Western nations. Stand up the West you are hiding your sins meekly behind walls all in the aid of money. Why should the bird flu virus not get you? But now we have swine flu.

The adage “reap what you sow”.

Pigs are treated with such brutalness by humans in many nations. Mexico seems to be the origin of swine flu. I ask myself how are pigs treated in Mexico? Are they treated humanely. But alot of nations treat their pigs with disdain. And we suffer for it. Flu. So can birds and pigs speak up for themselves. Hey you birds and pigs you have a tongue. Cat bitten your tongue. Hey defend yourselves speak up about your bad conditions. Start a language communicate we want more than grunting and tweeting.

Get knowledge and learn you pigs and birds.

 But no doubt with all my manifestations before a pig or bird of trying to get them to know an intelligent communicable language all my manifestations will just be a waste of time. Come on pig do more than grunt please release the inner you come to the party as one says get with it be a thinker. Oh yes you can not think because you do not have a wise language.

So why do humans and no other creatures have a wise language? Does that put us humans in a responsible position in how we treat other creatures. I think so.

Now as humans we can be bad we can not just be bad to animals and birds but we can be bad to each other. What is a humans enemy? the answer other humans. Humans kill humans. But because there are bad humans such bad humans are more likely to treat other creatures bad. Good humans will try to be humane. How can good humans defend birds and pigs from the cruelty from bad humans?

Can we say that birds and pigs have souls just like us humans.

What is soul? the eternal spiritual side of us humans.

If birds and pigs have souls can we say to the courts of the land that humans are treating birds and pigs with genocide. Hey can we say that people are killing souls [of the pigs and birds]. Look at that soul or this soul as we show photo’s of pigs and birds treated badly. Look at these photo’s of alive male chicks been ground up in a machine. Should not a priest be present at the killings of these souls. Do not the souls of the dead chicks go up to heaven. Let’s not go any further with this soul in birds we as humans do not fall for that. So are birds and pigs soulless I think so. If we did not think so then nations with Governments authority are in to genocide. So no genocide in the psyche of the human race in killing all these birds.

But does not the Bible ask us humans to treat other creatures humanely. We humans in God’s will were put in charge of all other creatures and in this charge we are to be compassionate.

Bad humans do not use compassion it is the good humans that are compassionate so it up to the good humans to help the birds and pigs and other creatures.

Not all humans believe in God [“the fool says in their heart there is no God” – quote from Bible]. Besides alot of cruel people may even believe in a God but money comes before God. Does God put food on my table no money does.

So mankind has sacrificed his humanity of good thinking not just for the sake of wickedness but for the sake of the love of money.

Money not God makes the world go around. Is it bad to love money – the Bible says it is. The Bible says you can not have 2 masters you will hate the one and love the other. You will love money and hate God or love God and hate money.

So what does mankind need? – answer a good dose of God consciousness.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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