A Major Catastrophe can be a General Thing

[Navy base alarm bells going]

[Knock knock]

Lieutenant wake up. Wake up! Wake up!

What is it? It’s late; go to sleep.

Sir it’s me Sergeant Miller.

What is it Miller? And why are the alarm bells on?

[Bomb lands not far away]

What is going on? Who’s letting of explosions? Someone had better have a good explanation.

[Another bomb lands not far away]

Are we under attack Miller?

Yes we are Sir.

Sir we need you in the control room.


[In the control room]

Corporal what’s the situation?

We are under attack by planes. Many soldiers are wounded. We need access to the ammunition for the ack ack guns. We are lame ducks without ammunition to defend ourselves.

Who’s got the key to the ammunition room?

Don’t you remember Sir; the major has those keys.

Well where is he?

[Another bomb lands nearby]

That was close.

Sir he left word with the control room that he would be at the golf club rooms having a cocktail party with friends.

Give me the phone. Hello. Operator! Operator! Get me the golf club and quick.

Who shall I say is calling?

Lieutenant Rogers.

Sir who would you like to speak to at the club?

Major Smith.

Right 0 sir please wait.

This is an emergency.

Sir we are getting more casualties we need that ammunition.

I am trying sergeant.


Yes damn it who is it calling me at this hour?

Sir it’s me lieutenant Rogers.

Damn it man I could court martial you for ringing me at this hour.

Sir we are under air attack. Bombs are falling on us regular. We have many casualties.

I do not remember ordering a drill. I bet it’s that sergeant Miller; he always likes stirring.

Sir we need the key to the ack ack guns ammunition.

Stop bothering me at this hour; can it not wait until tomorrow morning. The general is here and we do not want to be disturbed by work while we are relaxing.

[Line goes dead]

Sir! Sir! Operator! Operator! Operator! Phone is dead.

Sir, Sir we need that key.

[Another bomb lands just outside]

I think I have been hit sir.

Medic! Medic! Here see to the sergeant.

Is it bad?

You will survive.

What are you going to do about the ammunition? Hey I hear ack ack guns firing.

Looks like someone opened the doors to the rooms with the ammunition.

The planes are going. The major and general must have helped us.


Yes corporal.

I would like you to meet Private Fletcher.

Hello private.

Sir it was not the major and general that helped us it was Fletcher.


I broke the doors down to the ammunition room’s sir.

The general and major are here sir.


Yes Sir.

Who gave you permission to open the ammunition rooms? I am the one with authority to open those rooms. Well lieutenant have you got a good answer.

We needed a key.

Poor excuse.

Yes Sir it is a poor excuse. It took a private to show me a more commonsense way to get help.

We are off back to our cocktail party lieutenant. I will leave you to tidy the place up.

Yes Sir.

[Sometimes an army private can lead better than a major or general]

[We rule from rank but sometimes ruling from rank can be a major catastrophe]

[High rank does not necessary mean above]

[A major catastrophe can be a general thing]

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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