There is a Simple Solution for every Complex Problem

To solve a complex problem we need a simple solution.

Problems are problems because they are complex.

All problems are complex in nature. There are no simple problems. But there are simple solutions.

A simple solution is not a mixture it is composed of only one thing. A solution can be simple of one thing. A solution does not have to be a mixture of two or more things.

Problems are complex because they consist of many things or parts. These parts or things are a problem when they are not working together in unison. Many parts or things joined together are not always living in harmony.

The simple one part or thing is strong because it has no joints it is one thing and therefore is hard to break up in to smaller parts.

Complex things can be broken up in to smaller things. Complex has divisions and divisions can work against each other.

Simple of one thing is usually pure.

Break down the complex problem of many things to a number of simple one things.

The human body with all it’s organs and limbs were not made separately. The leg was not made separate from the body nor was the arm nor was the hand nor was the heart and so on. The human body was formed in oneness. It was made and grew as a whole one. A simple oneness of the human body. When God created the universe it happened very quickly. A big burst of energy coming from the one God. The universe once created went on to mature it grew and from this oneness living life came about. The oneness at the beginning is still one. The universe as it’s name implies is a one verse. Uni meaning one and verse as in spoken words. To understand the universe we need to understand the universe’s oneness. Oneness is based on simplicity. A simple plan of the universe.

To try and understand and solve a complex problem with further complexity will only make the problem complicated and unable to solve. The solution has to be of one thing not many things. To add further things to the problem will make it harder to solve the problem. We break the problem down in to parts and then it is easier to digest. Digest as in easier to understand.

Break up the problem. Sift the problem. The heart to understand needs simplicity. The heart is a simple organ. To weigh the heart with complexity without using the tool of simplicity will not make for a healthy heart. The heart has a human spirit that sifts through the problem breaking the problem up. Reason sifts through the problems. A human spirit using reason will understand the problems. Reason is wisdom and gives understanding. Reason is to question: who? what? where? when? why? and how? Reason is to dig for answers. Reason is to seek the truth. Reason is simplicity in action. Reason is to not know but to want to know. Reason is to know that the word [Man’s] or Word [as in God] gives answers. There is reason of “man” and there is reason of Jesus Christ [Son of God].

So is and was Jesus Christ a simple solution to mankind’s problems. When Jesus was on this earth was he just a simple man going about a simple life. The bible speaks about the fall of mankind when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. Yes Adam and Eve wanted to know as God knows. Are we not all as guilty as Eve and Adam we humans try to know as much as we can in the short lives we have on this earth. I must mention that when a lot of people get of an elderly age they get dementia. Dementia means losing a lot of ones memory. Hey where’s all their hard earned knowledge now? Puff; all gone up in smoke. Does it matter, were they going to take their knowledge in to the next life. So it’s still back to getting all this knowledge for a lot of people. It does not matter to these people that they might lose most of the knowledge in old age. But like everything we lose all and even lose our physical bodies but we still have our soul and human spirit and spiritual body. We at the end of our physical lives just leave this body and in our spiritual body go to our creator. But what about the second coming of Jesus Christ? What happens then? Mind boggles.

So the solution to “mankind’s fall”, a complex fall, a complex fall problem; has to have a simple solution. Jesus Christ appeared saying he was the solution. But is Jesus simple. To me God the creator is simple. Jesus came across in all simplicity according to the Gospels. The cross with Jesus nailed to it is a picture of simplicity. Jesus all pure of a pure oneness hanging on a cross crucified for our sins and in his crucifixion and dying saving the world of it’s sins. The one ultimate sacrifice and needing no more sacrifices after it.

So the simple solution has to be pure. The solution cleanses and heals. Jesus was and is all pure [without sin]. Looking at Jesus Christ on the cross heals us humans. We were sick in our sins but in Jesus we get healed. Just as in the old times during the old testament of the bible times the bronze snake was lifted up on a pole and when the Hebrews looked at it they were healed from the poisons of the snakes. Jesus Christ cleanses us of our sins and we are healed. We are washed clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Complex problems are complex because people make it that way. God wants purity and unity [oneness]. Complex are made up of divisions. Many people competing over the same resources. Fighting each other. Unity is not fighting. Oneness is not fighting.

To solve a problem we need a simple solution. Human beings were created simple. Human beings have made themselves complex. Jesus came to heal us, wash us of our sins and make us all one. One church, one body of Christ, one head of the body that is Christ.

To solve a complex problem we need a simple solution. Jesus Christ is our simple solution.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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