Words words Words words – They are either my friends or my enemies

“The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side and I will put all your enemies at your feet like a foot stool” [Quote – From Holy Scripture in the Bible].

The Lord – who? The Lord Lord the Father Lord. The Father is honoured more than the Son. The Son is Lord also but The Father is given more honour in the Father Son relationship. So we speak about The Lord as been the Father and we speak about My Lord as been the Father’s Son. King David spoke about The Lord and My Lord and gave the famous scripture quote as above.

We must realise that we are in the word with the WORD been chief. The WORD is God’s WORD. The word and Word gives us understanding. It gives us the ability to understand reality as it goes on about us. Without the Word or word we are like dumb. We need words to explain and understand our environment. We will not know God or ourselves without words. Words or to be precise WORDS are our only way to know God our creator and to know ourselves. Our tongue was given along with vocal chords to enable us to communicate with words.

So without words we do not have knowledge. Without words we are like mindless we are like the animals fish birds or insects. Without words we rely on our instinct. With words we can reason. Instinct does not rely on reason. Reason is to think with questions. Who? what? where? when? why? and how? We learn by questioning. Hey we do not get an answer without first the question. Question first then the answer. Ask questions and we learn. Reason by questioning gives us knowledge. It’s up to us to ask and not to rely on other’s to ask for us.

Words words WORDS WORDS. So my argument here is that without words we are just as ignorant as the animals. Reason is been wise. Wisdom makes for a more habitable lifestyle and a livable community for us humans. We speak about civilization. Thus from this we get civilized people. Been civil is been wise. Civilization is born out of wisdom. I emphasise that there is human wisdom and God’s wisdom. Human wisdom is based on the activities and pursuits of human spirit whereas God’s wisdom is based purely on Jesus Christ’s teaching as per say in the Bible. Jesus Christ’s wisdom stems from spirit also and this Spirit we call the Holy Spirit. So wisdom in human kind and God kind both stem from (S)spirit.

So The Lord puts all things under the feet of My Lord. God the Father puts all things at the feet of Jesus Christ the Son. Jesus Christ is at the right side of the Father. As I said we can only understand God in WORD or word. Human wisdom in word gives us a minimal understanding of God but Jesus Christ wisdom gives us the maximum understanding of God. So we have The Lord and My Lord coming to us in WORDS. What is put at Jesus Christ’s feet? Words. What words? Human wisdom words. All words contrary to God’s truth is put at Jesus’ feet. Why does The Father put all words at Jesus’ feet? Because The Father gives His Son Jesus full authority and power over all the universe. The universe was created for Jesus Christ.

So The WORD said to My WORD sit at my right hand side and I will put all your enemies words at your feet like a foot stool.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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