True Leadership – and Overcoming Evil

A true leader does not always change things by physical strength/things but by changing the thinking and feelings of peoples hearts and minds. Physical change means humans physically fighting humans and people get killed. Changing hearts and minds – few get killed. If we are knowledgeable in truth and understanding we can win. The Good Book says it’s in the thinking where we win. Conscience the inner wisdom or inner knowledge is what is produced from thinking. If we think good things then good returns to us. We can not overcome the evil with evil. Good can only overcome evil. To use evil against evil evil will survive. So we use good thinking against evil thinking. But how do we change our thinking to be good? God knows. The Good Book say’s that God is the Word. The Word of all words. So Christian people have a better chance of winning the war against evil than any other people.

So who is the real enemy? Is it the enemy in the flesh or the enemy of our minds [souls]/hearts. Is it a spiritual enemy or a physical enemy. We may ask ourselves how was Hitler able to control so many people? A single man having so much control. Hey a lump of flesh having so much authority. Was spirit behind his power. What spirit? Certainly not a good spirit.

The Good Book mentions the enemy is the dragon. Where in this world is the dragon mentioned? Does the dragon have a throne. Does the dragon have as it’s children snakes. Hey this might sound childness but that is far from the truth. The Good Book says that the dragon gives it’s power to beasts.

So is the Good Book nonsense meaning does it make sense or unmake sense. If reading this Book are we perverted or are we unperverted. Most people nowadays especially young people are perverted because of their embracing creation rather than the creator. People worship the body and not the head. The head rules not the body. Intelligence is in the head. God is the intelligence. To leave God is to leave the head. God is called the God Head. The body submits and serves the Head. The heart has the power source for the body. Spirit is power. Sin gets in the way of body and head. Our brains were made to be used to full potential but sin gets in the way and we lose out on the God Head. True intelligence is only through the God Head. Parents pass on to their children the True Head nature of God. And so on down the family branch. But people can spoil this Headship in God by turning away from God.

Jesus Christ came to win over people not by physical force but by winning people’s minds [souls] and hearts. Jesus is the True Leader and led by example. A true leader teaches people and teaches the truth. Truth overcomes and wins.

I can not but ask you enough but to please read the Bible regularly. Do not get tied down to the physical manifestations of life that get in the way of spirit and soul. I wish you well.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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