There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel but Sometimes We Need People to Show Us the Way

Once upon a time there was this family the Smith family there was the husband his wife and their young teenage son. This family lived in the suburbs of a large city. They had a dog; a border collie dog. This family loved their dog. But this family had a problem. The problem was with the dog. The dog chased the cars up and down the road. There was not one day that the dog was not chasing cars. So the family resorted to chaining the dog up. The dog became unhappy. The family became unhappy because they saw that the dog was unhappy. One day the dog got loose off its chain and chased a car. But in this car there was a man who recognised the genius of the dog. The man quickly recognised the dog as a border collie. The man stopped his car and asked around the neighbours for the home of the owners of the dog. The man met the family that owned the dog and explained why the dog chased cars. An agreement was reached whereby the man who was a farmer would take the dog to his farm. From now on the dog would be a farm dog. On reaching the farm the farmer let the dog go. The dog ran away. The farmer put out food night and morning for the dog. The dog did not take any of the food for 3 days but after 3 days the dog ate the food. The farmer let the dog be for 7 days but still feeding it. On the 7th day the farmer called the dog. The dog was named Gilbert. The farmer went to a paddock with 2 other sheep dogs. The 2 other sheep dogs mustered sheep in to pens. Gilbert watched from away. Finally that day the mustering was over and the farmer and his 2 sheep dogs went home. Gilbert came and slept out side the farmer’s house. Next day the farmer went with his 2 sheep dogs and did more mustering of sheep. Gilbert followed. Gilbert watched the mustering eagerly. His eyes were intent and his raised head showed that he was a happy chappie once more. Gilbert watched how the other 2 dogs performed. Gilbert loved it all. The mustering finished and it was back home that day for the farmer and the 3 dogs. Gilbert slept well that night. The food here was good. He chose an empty kennel and made it his home. The other 2 dogs accepted him as kin. The next day came. The farmer walked to a paddock to do more sheep mustering. Now he had 3 dogs to help him. Gilbert instinctively knew what to do. It was like he was born to muster sheep. Gilbert was never unhappy again. The farmer was pleased to have another sheep dog. Gilbert was a border collie sheep dog. It was in his blood. Gilbert never chased cars again; he did not have to.

Another happy ending for one of God’s creatures.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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