Jesus Cleaned Peoples Feet

Nigel started his new job. He was put in to the mail room located in the basement of a skyscraper building. He was an ambitious youth just out of school. The basement was in a building of thirty floors. It was a massive building and dominated the business area of a great city. Nigel worked very hard in his job. He was also a religious man. He prayed regularly. One day as he was going to the stairway to walk down to his mail room job in the basement he saw people catching the lift to go up to the higher floors. Nigel went down to his job and day dreamed about a job in a higher level of the building. That night after work he was in bed and God appeared to him in a vision. What do you want Nigel? Ask and it will be given. I want to be in a job on the first floor Lord he said. Ok Nigel it is granted. On getting to work the next day the boss of the mail room calls Nigel in to his office. Nigel you show promise you are promoted to accounts supervisor on the first floor. Nigel enjoyed accounts for a couple of weeks then he day dreamed of a job in a higher floor of the building. God appeared to him in a vision that night and said Nigel what do you want? I want to be a manager in a higher floor of my work building. Ok granted it will be as you say said God. Nigel became a manager on the twentieth floor. But Nigel saw the people come down in the lifts from even higher floors and he coveted been on a higher floor. God he said that night can I be an executive manager on the twenty fifth floor. Granted said God it will be as you say. So next day it was and Nigel was an executive manager on the twenty fifth floor. Nigel felt proud of his achievements. But not for long. After a couple of weeks God said to Nigel; are you happy. Nigel said no. What is it Nigel? God said. What do you really want? Well Nigel said I want to work as you would work God. Me Nigel really. Yes God really. I could put you in the room and floor that I would put my own Son. Yes, yes said Nigel put me in the room and on the floor where you would put your own Son. Are you sure Nigel? Very sure God. This will be the last appointment in your job I have to move on to other peoples requests after this. Please God put me in your own Sons place. You might not like it Nigel. I will I will. So be it Nigel tomorrow you will be just like my own Son and doing what he would be doing. Next day Nigel fronts up to work hoping he would be the general manager working on the thirtieth floor. But behold the boss comes up to him and directs Nigel back down to the basement to the mail room job where he first started.

Did Nigel learn a lesson from all this we hope so.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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