The Meeting between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other prominent people of the Defense and Intelligence Services

Gentlemen please take your seats. On our agenda we have ‘Defense of the Realm’. Please feel free to interject we want as much feedback as possible. Any first speaker.

Yes General please may I speak.

Go ahead Admiral.

I would like to see built more surface warships and nuclear powered submarines.

Why so much more hardware on and in the water?

Other nations are mostly only accessible from us by air and water. I justify the expense of more ships and submarines because then we can access other nations more easily in times of retribution.

Air Commodore do you have something to say.

Sir the Admiral is correct we need more naval power and more air power. Most other nations are accessible by only air as well as by sea. We need more bombers and fighter planes.

What about space? The gentleman from NASA have you got something to say at this time.

Gentlemen space is where our true defense stands. We need to take over space and coordinate our entire defense from there.

Why sir?

In space we are at a greater advantage because we can see all from above. We see our targets better.

But sir do we control space now.

Not exactly the Russians are making more activity in this area and the Chinese also seem to be going on a path that will take them in to space.

So sir we do not control space so is it not true sir that we are just taking our weapons race to a higher level.

Yes it seems so.

So where do we have major control? Colonel

We are ahead of all other countries in space but alas like everything others catch up.

Who are these others?

Russia; China.

Are you saying our major threats are mainly from two nations China and Russia?

Yes I am.

Why is that?

Both nations have nuclear weapons.

Is that your only reason? Iran and North Korea are on a path of nuclear armament. Israel and European nations have nuclear weapons.

True but in a mind set we see Israel and Europe as friends.

What’s this mind set thing?

I can not really describe it but it is a mind set where certain nations work together and other’s work against them.

May I say something?

Go ahead.

I may be able to describe this mind set. I am a person who as a young man entered in to the church and became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Oh a religious we really sir do not have time for a religious discussion we are speaking about important matters that affect the well being of this world.

Please listen to me. As I said I became a follower of Jesus Christ. Over time I came in to this revelation of seeing snakes in people. Not all people. Mainly [not all] people of the Asian race.

Snakes! snakes! snakes in people sir you are out of order please will you refrain from such talk.

No I won’t. I came here to speak with all sincerity and with all sincerity I will speak. So as I said I see snakes in people. And as I said I see snakes in mainly [not all] people of the Asian race. Especially the Asians having the slant eyes.

Poppy cock sir you are out of order. You sound like a racist. You are discriminating against people on their looks.

Hey I can not help it if I see what I see and I definitely see snakes.

Ok if you see snakes what does it mean?

May I say something?

Yes Admiral.

The book of Genesis in the Bible talks about a snake. The snake tempted Eve to eat of the apple of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam took also a bite of the apple and both had their eyes opened to see.

See what?

See good and evil. See as God sees. And I presume we continue to see to this day as Adam and Eve saw.

Sir may I speak.


Also in the Bible in the Book of Genesis it says that there will always be animosity between the children of the snake and the children of Adam and Eve.

So are you saying that the snake’s children are mainly Asian people the ones with the slanted eyes?

I am only saying what I see the Admiral and the Colonel mentioned about the snake from the Bible. But while we are on the subject of the Bible I would like to mention that in the New Testament of the Bible it mentions that John the Baptist a prophet of God also denounced snakes. He called people snakes and called them also to repent.

So sir are you also a prophet and see as John The Baptist sees.

I see and I have told you what I see and it is up to you to listen.

Let’s move on. A word from the intelligence services. Mr Brown please can you offer us some of your wisdom.

We are making good progress overall in intelligence but we need more money to monitor from space.

Look are you not just pouring money in to a bottomless pit. There seems to be no end to this weapons race. The more the enemy gets of military hardware the more military hardware you have to get. And then there’s the cyber war.

You sir have a better answer.

We should not be making war against flesh and blood. The Bible specifically says we are fighting a spiritual battle not a physical battle. Our wars are in our minds and hearts. We are spirit and in spirit we should fight. Our weapons are in word and in our case in THE WORD. THE WORD is God’s Word. We fight not in our own words but with God’s Word. Our armour is God’s armour. We fight in Word.

So sir are you saying we do not need all the military hardware like fighter planes and navy ships.

Hey you forgot the intelligence services.

Do you really propose we in the military give ourselves over to reading the Bible and prayer?


You sir are highly deluded.

Well as one may say ‘you fight by the sword and you die by the sword’.

And what does that mean.

A no win solution. You use dark to fight dark. You use hate to fight hate. You use bad to fight bad.

What is the solution then prophet of God?

We fight darkness with light. Light overcomes darkness not darkness overcoming light. Turn a light on in the physical world and the light takes over the darkness. So in the spiritual realm turn on more God’s light and there will be less darkness. God’s WORD is the spiritual light.

And sir how do we fight the Devils with light?

Yes they are Devils. Jesus Christ showed the way when He was in the desert for forty days and nights. The Devil asked Jesus on a number of times to worship him. Jesus did not curse or try and offend the Devil but merely quoted scripture from the Bible [Old Testament]. Another example is where in the Old Testament of the Bible Moses the prophet had just died and Michael the Angel of God had come to get his body. The Devil wanted Moses’ body but Michael the Angel just says something like “Satan be gone in God’s name”. Michael did not curse Satan [Satan meaning enemy] or use any offensive words against Satan but merely used a simple phrase with God’s name in. There was no real arguing over the body of Moses. God’s name was enough to secure the body of Moses.

So what is this light?

Light is God’s Word as I said. The light is truth. Truth overcomes lies. Love overcomes hate. Good overcomes evil.

Sir are you saying we have to love the enemy. Do we on the battlefield run up to the enemy and hug them.

There is no battlefield in a physical sense in God. The battle is in our minds [souls] and hearts. We do not kill human beings.

Poppy cock. You are talking nonsense.

General I talk sense. You will never win the battle against the enemy the way you are going about it. You spend billions of dollars on futile things. People of nations work and work and work to prop up all these military things. All in vain.

Look we are out of time. Who’s in opinion that we vote for an across the board increase of military spending of 100 billion dollars? All in agreement good that gentlemen will be all. Have a good day.

Sir General it is all futile.

I said that will be all the meeting has finished.

So be it.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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