The Collective Consciousness

We are conscious

We see we hear we smell we taste we feel

We are alive not just in body but in the brain

In brain we have mind we think

We think according to what our senses inform us

So four of the senses are in the head

In the head is our brain

The brain coordinates all responses to our body

The mind with the thinking and also with the knowledge through the senses is able to help the brain in its coordination of the body

The head is in charge

The body is not in charge

The head is the brains of the body

The body submits to the head

The body obeys the head

The head protects the body – in thought

We are what we think

In thought we are in word

Words protect us

Words are what we are in true essence

We in the church are a collective

In the church collective we have collective words

Without words we humans are mindless and ignorant

Words make civilization

Words bring knowledge

We need words to understand

We humans also need words that make up a frame of reference

Jesus Christ is our frame of reference

Without a frame of reference we are like as up with the fairies – no solid foundation – not anchored

Jesus Christ is our foundation – anchored to Jesus

Jesus Christ is The Word and this Word of Christ is the church’s collective Word

We in the church uphold all the truth of Jesus Christ

We in the church have a collective consciousness of Jesus Christ

The consciousness of the church is based on the mind of Jesus Christ

All members of the church should have the mind of Jesus Christ

Having the mind of Christ is to think like Christ

Our thoughts are aligned with Christ’s thoughts

To think like Christ is to be aware

We as church members together are a collective in thought, mind and body

We in the church think alike

The collective is strong but only according to how many members think alike

We have Spirit of God to help us church members

We in the church are a collection of like thinking people

All for one one for all – we in the church are family 

Stay conscious [stay awake] we are expecting Jesus Christ to return

When is Jesus returning? Not even Jesus knows the answer to that one. The Father God only knows  

So Jesus can not tell us when He is coming

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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