Mary – From Dreamer to Crusader

Mary! Mary! wake up.

What uuur what happened?

You have been dreaming.


Yer looks like it was a bad dream you were speaking out.

What was I saying?

Most of it was garbled but it sounded like you were warning people.

Warning about what?

I don’t know. The morning paper is here.

Let me have a look. Oh same old thing about me “Mary the nutter; Mary the crank”. When will they understand? Come on Ernest let’s read the bible.

Let me read Mary. “Happy are you when people hate you, reject you, insult you, and say that you are evil, all because of the Son of Man!” You read now Mary.

“How terrible when all people speak well of you; their ancestors said the very same things about the false prophets”. Ernest you pray now.

Lord God I beseech you to help my wife Mary bless her with more courage; help our sons; thank you for all your blessings amen.

Oh Ernest every time you pray for me I feel like my heart is on fire I feel like I have a mission.

[Phone rings] It’s Chris Mary he wants to talk to you.

I will take it down stairs. Hello son how are you?

Mum I read the papers this morning it’s about you again. Mum you embarrass me. Give up on this crusade. It’s achieving nothing. It’s inevitable that loose morals will come. Let it be.

Son I have my work to do.

Mum the tide has turned you are living in the past.

Son don’t be like that.

Mum this wave that is coming is a wave of free expression we are been freed of the restraints of religion and traditional morals that tied us up.

Son you disappoint me. I have to go; cheer up [phone rings of].


What did Chris have to say?

The usual.

Eggs ready.


You are quick this morning.

I will take my tea at my desk I want to get in to this mornings mail prompto. Here’s a letter from a Mr. Murray. He writes Dear Mrs. Whitehouse ……………. then he includes a quote from the bible “He is like a person who, in building their house, dug deep and laid the foundation on rock. The river flooded over and hit that house but could not shake it, because it was well built”.

Nice letter.

Mr Murray goes on to say that the house on a solid foundation is the Christian Church. He says that this wave of immorality coming on the world can not be stopped. He says that though the prophets may warn about the vile content of this wave the only place of safety is inside the Church. He says that the prophets of the Christian Church can warn the world’s people of danger but their prime duty is to warn the Church people first. The wave comes over the world but the Church by having it’s structure and foundation sound withstand the wave whereas those people who did not build on Jesus Christ fall.

Sounds good.

I wish Chris had not left home [Church] and fallen for the worlds ways.

He may come back.

But he saw the wave coming.

I know Mary but we make our own choices in life he chose his path.

Maybe Chris was thinking that I was trying to stop the wave.

I think so Mary.

Well probably I was trying to halt the wave. Chris was right the wave was inevitable in coming.

Mary Mr. Murray says that a prophet is to warn the people especially the Church.

Yes to warn of danger. We prophets are the watchman and watchwoman. We stand on the watch towers of the city/church/Zion walls and warn of danger.

Where did you get that from?

Mr Murray’s letter.

Another cuppa dear.

Yes Ernest another cuppa. Got to keep my strength up for my watch duties.

Right on Lov I am right with you.

 [Mary died aged 91 in 2001]

People say she was out of touch with the real world. I think maybe she was in the world but not of the world. I do ask myself where was Christ mentioned in all her crusade? For to preach Christ is more worthier. To preach Christ one has to sacrifice more. In other words to preach Christ we have to give up more.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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