Aid To Undeveloped Nations

Oh where does all the aid money go?

50% to the politicians

30% to the military

10% to provincial governors

5% to local police

5% to the poor people

This is called ‘The Trickle Down Effect.’ The more we give the more the poor get.

The local police might gripe that they only get as much as the poor people.

The Provincial Governors might gripe that they only get 5% more than the poor people.

The Military might gripe that they get less than the Politicians.

The Politicians might gripe that they do not get all the aid money.

The poor might gripe that they should be the sole recipient of the Aid money because it was all for them in the first place.

Thus no one is happy with the Aid money.

The givers of the Aid [the developed nations tax payers and the Charities] are sometimes none the wiser.

In the mean time the leaders of these Undeveloped Countries go on living in indulgent luxury. The Presidents of poor nations and all those who vie for his attention live in palaces and commute in private jets to the play grounds of the wealthy.

In the mean time the poor go on living in squalor. There lot does not change.

The people in Developed Countries mean time continue to give to Charities who then pass on the monies to the Undeveloped Countries.

What can we learn from this? Nothing is really what it seems to be.

We in the developed Countries are providing money to corrupt leaders in Undeveloped Countries so that they can live the lifestyles of the rich.

Solution: To put our own people [charity workers] directly at the coal face of poverty. This is been done but still the trickle effect works. The leaders still try and hold the power over the distribution of the Aid. The leaders of Undeveloped Countries in most cases are only the leaders because they used force to get to their positions. They used guns to achieve their leadership positions.

The powers of darkness rule these poor countries. There is no proper sound moral leadership in these countries. These people do not in majority worship the One True God. The Light shining in such countries is not shining in abundance. It is not in education of worldly things that will save these countries but in true worship and obedience of the One True God. These nations must forsake idol worship and they must forsake devil worship. Light overcomes darkness, good overcomes evil, right overcomes wrong. It is not for these poor nations people to rely on the developed nations people for their spiritual light/force but for the poor nations people to really get involved in a serious way with God. In the past these poor nations were heavily involved in witchcraft it is about time they came out of the dark ages and into the light and acted maturely. There are lights in these poor countries but not of a great magnitude.

Most developed nations of this earth have had a fabric of their culture steeped in Christian thinking. One may say that China is rich and it is not Christian but I say China is still poor because they do not have a good human rights charter. China also still has alot of people in it living on subsistence wages. So the Chinese leaders and their friends live in luxury while a lot or their people live in poverty. Also democracy is the way of developing nations and they are more the richer for it.

So we have tax payers of developed western nations providing money to rich wealthy leaders [and their cronies] of undeveloped nations.

So back to work for the tax payer he/she has to continue supporting these corrupt leaders of these poor nations.

The politicians of developed nations might say “at least the poor get something”.

I say these politicians of developed countries have got indifferent because they live of the tax payer.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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  1. Kati Oconner Says:

    Hello, like your blog alot. I found it on blog search will add it to bookmark and come back often again to read and follow. Please continue to do great job you do on it.

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