No Losers, All Winners

We will now cross over to the handicap race at Edgecombe. Hello are you there Beavis.

Yes I am here Gloria. Thank you. We are now at the racing track in Edgecombe. The weather is sunny the ground is good. We have good weather for the race. I just see now the runners getting in to their start positions. The race is about to start. There’s the pistol shot they are off. Richardson in number 15 is slow of the mark. The pack is moving fast. Number 23 is in the front. We now have 3 runners together setting the fast pace at the front. Number 15 in a wheel chair is gaining on his lost distance. Look at his hands move on the wheels of that chair. Number 14 looks like he has decided to go in the opposite direction. No number 16 has stopped and is standing with number 14 and it looks like number 16 is explaining to number 14 the direction to go. There they go number 14 and number 16 going in the right direction and hugging each other. Number 15 has caught up to number 14. Number 15 has got out of his wheel chair and is leaning on number 14 and they are hugging. The front runners have stopped. Looks like they are waiting for the others. Yes the runners are now all together. Number 15 in the wheel chair has gone to the front. Number 16 the runner with one wooden leg is catching up to number 15. The race is near to the end. A few more minutes and the race will be over. Looks like number 15 is going to win. No number 15 has stopped. Stopped just before the finishing line. I see people on the side line shouting to number 15 to cross the line. What is happening? The other runners have caught up to number 15. Oh no they have all stopped just before the finishing line. They are lining up. This is a first in a track race that I have ever seen. The runners are now all crossing the finishing line together holding each others hands. The crowd is ecstatic. Looks like there was no one winner. It was a group win. No losers but all winners. What a race. That certainly taught me more about true racing than all the races that I have watched before. Back to the news room. Gloria are you there.

Yes I am Beavis. What a race. Excuse my tears. Thank you Beavis. We will now move on to the weather………………………

They say we adults can learn of children I say we can learn of children and we can also learn of people that are disabled.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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