Relationship and its connections – Feelings; Reason and Body

In a relationship that we as humans have with each other what keeps these relationships together? Relationship can be of many levels. We have the relationship whereby two humans beings connect up in a superficial way we might call such a relating an acquaintance. Then there’s the friendship relationship a relating that is closer than superficial and more enduring and deeper in the connection. Alot of boundaries are pushed aside in friendship and openness is the forte of such a relationship. We move on to an even deeper connection in relationship and that is the relating of a union of two people in marriage. In marriage two people make a pledge to each other to be together and try and make their connection endure through the good times as well as the bad times. Marriage is a commitment.

In relationship what keeps the connection going?

We humans have a soul and we have a heart and we have a body. Soul to me is in the head and soul is where we think from. Thinking is about reasoning. We can also call the soul the mind. Heart to me has the human spirit. Heart to me is where the feelings come from. Feelings that are deep are called emotions.

Spirit or what we call the human spirit is as much a part of us humans as the flesh and bone of our bodies are. We are spirit as well as flesh and bone. Flesh and bone do not think. We live in our bodies and we think and feel. Feelings to me are in spirit [and in the old Adam and Eve nature in us] because in spirit we travel and connect up spirit to spirit human spirit to human spirit or human spirit to evil spirit or human spirit to Holy Spirit. We as Christians accept the Holy Spirit and He comes in to our hearts. We yoke ourselves in our human spirit to the Holy Spirit. Yoke is to be like joined up more like a student to a teacher. True believers in God are yoked to God in spirit they learn spiritual truths in spirit and worship God in spirit. Take some insects they have what are known as feelers. With these feelers they know what they are coming in to contact with. But for all creatures in the world contact between creatures is not always nice and there are hurt feelers. Feelings get hurt spirit to spirit hurting each other. We feel it in the heart. To my knowledge only human beings have a spirit [or a soul] or what we call a human spirit. No other creatures have spirit. Of course that is apart from there been evil spirits called demons in this world.

The head of humans have soul. Soul is where we humans think. In our thinking we reason. God is all about reason. God has a reason for everything. Nothing is by chance for God. God is an intelligent thinker and reasons everything through. We humans were made for a reason. The universe was made for a reason. The fish, birds, insects and animals were made for a reason. Nothing is made apart from reason. We humans think and we reason. Reason keeps us sane.

When we humans marry someone we make a connection that we see as been yoked. We pledge to be together for all our lives. Marriage is not just about a connection it is about a union. This union is about becoming one. Just as we worship the one God we humans marry and become one under the one God head. The wife comes under the God head of the husband and in this way she is protected. The husband has the God head of Jesus Christ. The God head is the soul of Christ. But the God head is more it is the Father too. The Father reigns over the Son Christ as well as over the husband and the wife.

In a relationship we have a connection but what is this connection? We as humans have soul, spirit and body. We can connect up to others with feelings from our heart and we can connect up with soul from our head and lastly there is the physical body connection.

All three, soul, spirit and body have to be connected up to make a proper marriage. A marriage can not just exist on feelings as a marriage can not just exist on soul or it can not just exist on body. When marriages are tested say through a trial or tribulation the connection between both parties has to have a union that will stand all tests. One part connected up or just two parts connected up can break the union we need all three parts connected up to make a Godly union. When we meet someone for the first time we use our feelers we in human spirit sense with feel. Then we reason with the person and body contact might come later even if the body contact is just a hug or a kiss.  

With our relationship with God we worship God in spirit our human spirit to God Spirit. We give our heart to God. We love God with all our heart. We feel for God. Not the feeling associated with worldly connotations. Love of God is not always the love associated with human love of this world. God love is true love.  Our connection with God does not stop with having good feelings for God we must also reason with God. Reasoning with God is to learn from Him. To learn we must question God we are students / disciples we want to know God. To reason with God we begin to think like Him we do away with all immature thoughts and think rationally. We develop souls [minds] of Christ we become wise because Jesus Christ is all wise. Lastly we offer to God our body we submit our body to the God head and we come under this head along with our wife.

Our relationship with God becomes sound. We become ready for the next life a life of eternal bliss.  

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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