The Jews – Who and What are they Expecting in Their Messiah?

 Again I have been musing. I had the bible in my hand and had just read it out loud for a while. Before then I had a number of minutes in spoken prayer. Reading the bible and prayer must have triggered a reflective response from me. I mused and mused. I quite liked the musing as it made me think in deep thought on things that I like to think about.

So what did I think about in my musing today? I mused about the Jews and their response to the return of the Messiah. 

I thought about why did the Jews not accept that Jesus Christ was the Messiah? I thought about what kind of person are they expecting as the Messiah?

Jesus Christ came to this world as a humble meek man. To put added topping on this entry of Jesus He came in to Jerusalem riding on a donkey.

So what and how are the Jews expecting the Messiah to enter in to this world? Riding on a donkey? No way. The messiah is God’s Son He will have many servants carrying him in a gilded golden cabin. He will wear the most expensive garments He will be man of the law and use the law and supernatural to control all the people.

Those who accepted Jesus as the Messiah accepted a humble meek man a man without pretension a man ordinary in the general sense just like us but a man that is also of the supernatural. The Jews do not want their Messiah coming in to their main city riding a donkey and extolling the law as not the means to be saved.

The Old Testament does explain the return of the Messiah and how His return will be. The book of Isaiah in the Old Testament explains about the Messiah. Are the Jews blinded about the Messiah? Are the Jews intentionally blinded by God about the Messiah? 

So what are the Jews expecting in a return of the Messiah? Say in today’s time how will their Messiah return? Are they expecting Him to be a supernatural man like the man called superman in the films? I think they are expecting a man that has super power that saves the land of Israel and the Jewish people from their enemies. To the Jews it’s about land and their physical bodies. Have the Jews really thought deeply about what they think the Messiah will be like when He returns. Do they really care? Are they expecting the Messiah to come down from the clouds – and who will see this vision of the Messiah coming down from the clouds? – will all the Jews be warned that He is descending and will all the Jews be outside looking up. Or will only a few select people see the vision of the descension. If only a few see it how will all the other Jews believe it? So Jesus came as son of man and son of God He was human and God – both. 

If I ask a Rabbi how will we know when it is the Messiah when He comes? I can expect a very indifferent answer.

Jesus was born of a virgin. But Jesus came from above from heaven; how can He be born of a woman on this earth when heaven is above heaven is not in a human being? Or is it?

So are the Jews expecting the Messiah to come with wealth and servants and an army [Army of what?] and will their Messiah be a man of supernatural ability and do miracles and power wonders all the time. 

Law is of the Jews and law is about the physical. Law is also spiritual and it is to be upheld but law is about “Do unto others what you want them to do to you”. Law is about physical protection. Obey the laws of God and you will be safe. In Jesus we do away with the laws; we still in our new will with God uphold the law but in our new will of God we in the new wisdom are above the law. In the new wisdom the law though under Jesus is still respected because the law stays until all that God wants saved are saved. Jesus is a fulfilling of the law. Does Jesus need the law? Jesus made the law. As followers of Christ Jesus we have our souls [minds] converted to think like Jesus. In thinking like Jesus we have the soul [mind] of Jesus therefore we are not bound by the law. The law binds because we are all sinners. In Jesus we are free from the law and its bondage.

Jesus told the Jews that they were sinners. The Jews response – We obey the laws we are not sinners. You Jesus are a carpenter’s son from Nazareth you are a no body.

So the Jews may not be expecting their Messiah to be a tradesman. Jesus told the Jews that they were hypocrites that they were people that were in lip service praise to God but their hearts were far from God. The Jewish leaders lived a life of ease they were honoured and looked up to they had status and prestige no upstart was going to take away all their perks.

So who and what are the Jews expecting in their Messiah? Do their Rabbis not teach on this subject? Why do the Rabbis not teach about what the book of Isaiah says about the Messiah?

So the Jews are stuck with the law and to the law they keep for their supposed salvation but are their salvation to heaven or is it salvation of the state of Israel?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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