The Signs are there

News! News! Read all about it.

I will have a paper thanks.

That will be $2 sir.

Good at the price.

[George returns to his work office and sits down at his work desk and reads the newspaper]

Any good news George.

I see there has been another accident on the trains.

What happened?

A young male was knocked over by a train at a train station.

How is that possible?

It reads that the youth was crossing the tracks at a no crossing tracks area.

Is it serious?

He’s hurt but lucky for him only minor injuries. He’s suing the railways for a million dollars for not putting a sign warning not to cross the tracks where he crossed.

Wow a million. A lot of money. What station was it?

Meltin Station.

Hey I know that station there are lots of signs saying not to cross the tracks.

[Mean while in a hospital bed Stan is recovering from his injuries]

Mum I did not see the warning signs.

But son there are plenty of them there. Why did you go on the tracks?

Because they were there and it’s fun.

Son the signs are there.

I told you Mum I did not see any warning signs.

[Mean while a documentary is on television and a patient next to Stan’s bed is watching it]

Hey look at this a man gets a cool million dollars in compensation for diving in to the water of a jetty.

He probably deserves it.

But the Council who own the jetty say there were warning signs all around the jetty saying not to dive in to the water.

Mum I also want a million dollars in compensation.

But do you deserve all that money.


Hey look this dude gets a million dollars and now he is back on disability support pension.

What happened to his million?

The dude says he spent it all. Spent it all in 12 months.

Wow what did he spend it all on?

Most of it went on prostitutes.

[Mean while somewhere else Craig has just carted it meaning he has just died he gets to the pearly gates and there is Jesus]

Hey where am I?

Craig you are in heaven.

Who are you?

Jesus Christ.

No kidding. So much bright light.

Afraid it won’t be for long for you Craig.

I never have liked the light.

So your wish will be granted dark it will be for you.

I feel more comfortable in the dark.

Craig see down there that is where you are going.

Hey that’s a fire. That looks like Hell.

It is Hell.

Why am I going to Hell?

Craig you were warned many times about your bad ways.

What warnings? No one warned me.

Yes they did warn you.

Who warned me?

Bob, John, David, Gloria, Denis and the list goes on. The warning signs were there.

What did Bob say?

Remember Bob told you about me and warned you about the consequences of your lifestyle. There were many signs to see the path to take in life. The signs also warned you of the paths not to take.

But Jesus.

No buts Craig your journey on the earth has finished no more tests you are graded accordingly to your decisions and choices in life. You are at the end now you get the results.


Take him away Satan he is one of yours.


The signs were there Craig.

[Satan takes another one away to Hell]

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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