What’s up?

[knock knock]

Come in! Oh it’s you James.

Yes Sir; teacher told me you wanted to see me.

Yes I did want to see you. Well don’t just stand there sit down.

Thank you Sir.

Well James what’s up?

[James thinks to himself; oh no the principal obviously knows about my letting down of the tires of the teacher’s cars]

Well James simple question what’s up?

[James begins sweating; he thinks someone must have reported on him]

Come on boy got your tongue caught.

No Sir; well it’s like this the cars.

What cars? I am asking what is up?

I know Sir as I was saying the cars.

Stop there boy. Cars have no relevance to this discussion; what is up?

[James gets scared he starts to stutter]

Si-i-i-r  I thoooght  th-a-at  the  t-i-r-e-s  ne-e-ded  less air in.

Less air James.

Y-e-s  S-i-r  l-e-ss  a-i-r.

[The principal thinks – this boy obviously does not have all his marbles]

[James thinks – the principal is going to strap me; I had better beg for forgiveness]

Sir! Please!!! I am sorry!!! I will never do it again!!

Do what again James.

The tires Sir.

[The principle thinks – the boy has lost it]

I know nothing about tires; one last try what is up James?

Just the tires Sir nothing else.

Tires are not up and have never been up.

If you say so Sir.

[The principal moves to the window]

Come here boy come to the window. What is up? Follow my eyes what do I see?
Teacher’s tires are over there Sir not where you are looking.

Boy! You are just not with it. Look where I am looking; what is up?

The sky is up.




Stars and planets.

Whell! After all that. James I am going to recommend to your teacher that you get one on help from a teacher’s assistance. You are very slow at understanding things.

[James thinks – This principal has lost it]

Sir I am sorry for been so slow.

I have a book here that you can borrow that might help you. It’s called “simple questions need simple answers; complicated questions need complicated answers”. Now take the book and run along.

Yes Sir.

And James what is up?

Sky Sir.

Sky it is. There is hope for you yet.

Yes Sir.

Run along.

[The principal thinks – these children now a day have lost the basics of learning; it was so much simpler in my younger days]

[God looks down from heaven – He thinks; sin has got in the way of people learning from me. People are now more focused on their sins].

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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