The Lord Is My Shepherd – I Shall Not Want

[In a supermarket]


What dear?

I want an ice-cream.

No dear, dinner will be soon.

[Child screams]

Oh ok to shut you up. One ice-cream for my daughter please.

Muuuum I want lollies.

No dear, they will spoil your dinner.

Muuuuum!! I want lollies.


[Child screams]

Oh ok dear.

Will that be lollies madam.

Yes assistant a packet of lollies for my daughter. Come on Gloria we must get home, your father should be home from work.

[back home]

Hi dear how has your day been?

Fine; yours?

Trying to feed the monster.

Not Gloria again.

Yes. Dinner won’t be long.


Yes Gloria.

Janelle has new sneakers can I have a new pair.

Ask your mother.

Muuuum I want new sneakers like Janelle’s.

Your sneakers that you have are fine.


Buy her a pair love just to quieten her up.

But Jack.

Look just to shut her up.

Thanks Dad.

Can we buy them tomorrow after school Mum?

Yes dear.

Mum I don’t want dinner.

Why not Gloria?

Those sweets I had at the supermarket filled me up.

Oh Gloria and we were having such a nice dinner; chicken and vegetables.

Mum I am going to watch television.

What about your homework Gloria?

I can do it later.

When is later?


[Gloria watches television for 3 hours]

Done your homework yet dear.

Mum it can wait. Mum there’s a sale on at Murphy’s I want a new dress.

Why dear? You have so many.

Mum don’t ask; you grown ups just don’t understand.

Gloria it’s late you better go to bed.

But Mum I want to watch the movie.

No! Gloria; bed!

Muum. Dad mum’s be mean to me she won’t let me watch the movie.


Ok as long as I can listen to my radio head phones in bed for a while.

If you must dear.

Night all.

Night Gloria.

[Gloria retires to bed to listen to music]

Oh dear when is it going to end?

Maybe never.

Gloria has got to understand that to be free one has to give up all want.

Yes dear but we had a helping hand.

Yes we did; God.

Remember what we learned at Sunday school. I remember Pastor Fredrickson castigating you for been too talkative.

Yes I always wanted to talk all the time.

Do you remember what Pastor Fred said to you in front of all the class?

Yes; “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”. I was a changed person after that. Those words of the Pastor sank right in to me.

I am tired I am retiring now.

I will join you in a few minutes.

Night dear.


Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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