Yes dear what is it?

They are doing it again.

What are they doing? And who is doing it?

I have told you so many times.

What dear?

The children at school kid me about my looks.

Oh that again.

Yes that again.

Have you told your form teacher about it.

Yes but Mrs. Macklin says to just ignore the teasing.

Well why not just do as she says.

Mum it is more complicated than just ignore.

Why is that dear?

Because I am getting depressed and I do not want to go to school anymore.

Mum are you listening to me.

Look dear I am busy at the moment talk to me in the morning.

Busy, busy the whole world is busy why cannot someone be busy helping me?

What was that dear? I am trying to get all the ironing done before I go to bed.

But mum I am afraid of going to school. I even think of ending it all. Did you hear what I said mum.

Sorry honey I am too busy at the moment. Have you done your home work.

Rubbish the homework you have not heard all I have said.

Talk in the morning Alison. You had better get ready for bed.

Mum!! Mum!!

Later Alison.

[Alison goes to her bedroom; she shuts her door. She kneels before her bed and prays]

Dear God help me. Please. The children at school tease me about my looks. They call me ugly. What shall I do God?

[Alison stays quietly in the praying position for 5 minutes. She then has an idea. She has the thought to look through her mothers photo album].

Mum where’s your photo album?

Isn’t it late to be looking at photos.

No mum.

Ok it is in the bottom drawer in my bedroom.

Thanks mum.

[Alison gets the photo album and begins looking at the photos]

Ha ha ha ha look at mum.

What are you laughing about Alison? I can hear you from out here.

Mum its the photos of you. You look so funny.

What’s funny about me?

You are skinny and you have freckles on your face.

Alison that was me when I was about your age. I have grown up and matured since then.

What’s all the commotion about?

Dad its mum. Look she looks so gorky.

That’s my girl all gorky for me. I first met your mother at Sunday school when she was about your age and I fell in love with her. Gorky and all.

You mean you liked her been skinny and freckly.

Alison when I first met your mother I saw deeper things than what you describe.

I saw your mothers unique qualities.

What unique qualities dad?

I saw diamonds in your mothers eyes. I saw hair that shone like gold. I saw a figure that would grace a models cat walk.

Ok dad I hear what you are saying.

Hey I have not finished yet. I saw teeth that were like ivory. I heard her voice like she had a voice of a famous singer.

How’s school by the way?

Dad I think school has improved since tonight.

That’s good Alison. I am glad all is well with you.

Yes dad all is ok now.

I am going to bed now. Night dad night mum.

Night Alison.

[Alison gets in to bed and prays]

God thanks. I learnt precious lessons tonight. I learnt that things transform. I learnt that there are deeper sides to life. I learnt that what someone sees could be different from what someone else sees. Oh God and I like Roger Edwards. Roger is in my English class. He seems to always sit next to me in class. He’s a lot like dad in his personality. I think Roger likes me too. He always has a kind word for me. Night God.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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