Jesus Said “Be Clean” and the Man was Healed

Dirt attracts vermin. A sewer pipe may be inundated with cockroaches. Rats too may populate such places. Rats and cockroaches are vermin.


1. Small animals collectively, such as insects and rodents, that spread disease and damage crops.

2. Unpleasant people.

 So dirt attracts vermin and vermin may be unpleasant people. If say we are dirty people then dirty people attract dirty people. Dirty people like been around dirty people. Clean people like been around clean people. Dirt can be sin. Sin is been dirty. Sin attracts unpleasant people. Sin can be spiritual so sin been dirty can be spiritual dirtiness. Spiritual dirtiness can attract dirty spirits. These dirty spirits are unclean and are evil. Evil spirits are dirty and do not like the light. They go where there is dirtiness. Dirty people in spirit attract evil spirits. Evil spirits are like the vermin that go where dirt is. Having a dirty mind is thinking dirty. Evil spirits are drawn to an unclean mind. Evil spirits are called demons. Dirty people who seldom wash spiritually are prone to have demons in their lives. Followers of Jesus Christ fellowship together regularly and as they walk in the light of God they wash each other. In their Christian gatherings they bathe spiritually together; the Word of God cleansing them. Demons do not like going where it is clean. Dirty people are fighting of their demons. So it is wise to bathe and keep clean. We bathe in water. Water is the purest liquid around. In our outward appearance we are to bathe in water. We wash our flesh. It is commonsense to wash our flesh. No one disputes that. But there is the inward washing the washing of our spirit and soul. Keeping our mind/soul/human spirit clean is also commonsense and not to be over looked. We can only really be clean inwardly by washing in a pure — Word. Words make up our inner self. It is word that we think. We are what we think. So to wash our soul/mind/human spirit we need the pure Word. Only God’s Word is pure. Washing in any other word is like washing in unclean water. So looking at someone washing in dirty water does not look good. Dirty water may wash some of the dirt of but it does not wash all dirt of. Seeing a person living amongst vermin say rats and cockroaches beggars belief. Clean people find such a set up disgusting. God wants us to be clean. God is not dirty He is all clean.

My Mother used to say: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

 Some extra wisdom on cleanliness and dirtiness

Cleanliness is without dirt; dirt is been earthly not heavenly; earthly is to do with the world; heavenly is to do with above to do with God; to be clean is to do with above not to do with below; dirt attracts demons; demons love dirt; some mentally ill people are people that are known to be fighting off their demons; demons hate light and hate purity; Satan is a spirit of the darkness; people who are dirty love to be in the dark; people who are dirty love the dark more than the light because they do not want people to see their dirtiness; dirty people usually walk in the dark not in the light; God is light; some mentally ill people usually grow up in a home that has dirt and demons in it; the home/nest needs to be clean to make sound minds; dirty nests/homes breed demonic activity; demons love dirty homes; children growing up in dirty homes usually know no difference and take their demons to their new homes; a clean home is a pure home; a pure home is a loving home; God’s Word cleans us up; demons hate cleanliness; cleanliness makes a sound mind; dirtiness makes a dirty mind; dirt obstructs the senses; dirt makes one blind [spiritually blind]; cleanliness is to do with healthiness; cleanliness is to be without sin; sin is dirt; sin is unhealthiness; there is generational sin, sin that has come down through the ancestors; there are the family demons; parents pass their dirtiness on to their children and the children to their children and it goes on until it changes when an offspring goes to Jesus Christ to be washed; dirty people are unhappy people; dirty people play with dirty people and clean people play with clean people.

 So how can I be clean? Ask / invite [pray] Jesus Christ in to your life. Accept that you are a sinner and repent of your sins to Jesus Christ [pray to Him]. Believe that Jesus Christ took in His body all your sins and died to them all. This was at Jesus’ crucifixion. Believe that Jesus died and 3 days later came back to life. Jesus rose and is in heaven above at the right side of The Father God. Father like Son, Son like Father each both God and each the same. Pray often to God the Father and also regularly read the bible. Seek out repentant followers of Jesus Christ and fellowship with them. Believe and have faith.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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