Humanism – the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden

“Humanism” is everywhere it is included in most teachings where ever you go. It is included in bible college teachings.

Jesus is not about human wisdom we do not have to base our learning off people. God is Spirit and we in human spirit can see we can hear we can smell we can taste we do not need people guiding and teaching our human spirit about what is wrong and what is right.

The tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden is so with the people of this world and rots us to the core. The church has gone along with it because of the tempting things it offers. Such things appease Satan; we get money and prestige from it. The tree of life in the Garden of Eden is life itself Jesus Christ but Jesus is not about prestige status money wealth important position Jesus is about love true love and everyone relating together in love. Jesus when on this earth taught true wisdom not the wisdom of this world. Jesus does not teach what we learn at universities or colleges he never taught social or physical science to his disciples.

Our mission if we choose to take it is to prepare for eternal life.

We in our busyness to conquer and acquire get so complex in our living. We want what the world has but in our hearts we also pine for the simple life without all the idol worship and complex knowledge; knowledge best left to God to have and not for our hearts; hearts that we want to return to just a simple life.

Knowledge of the physical and social has made us know as God knows. That was “mankind’s” fall that was the beginning of “mankind’s” sinning. Such knowledge made man and woman part company with God the creator. Such sinning meant a complex life not a simple blissful life. Mankind is deceived by Satan. And a great part most of the church falls under this deception. Why? One reason I think is the love of money. The woman sitting on the dragon [and the dragon] is deceiving the nations of the world.

There will always be those people who will forgo the world and its idols to live in communities based on the simple life. Monasteries and nunneries are such places. Such places can be power houses of prayer. We need our attachments to the simple things and simple life to stay sane. Insanity comes about because of complex; complex is as against simplex; simplex is simple; so people have this complex and that complex all related to idol worship. Complex makes “mankind” inferior it robs “mankind” of his dignity in God. “Mankind” was created in God’s image and with that image we are in the likeness of God and thus share in the dignity and worth of God. But “mankind” wanted to know as God knows “mankind” was naughty he took what he should not have taken. He took knowledge – bad boy and bad girl. So in taking what is not his/her to take man and woman were cast out of the simple blissful life in to the wilderness to work with their hands. They both now knew as God knows. But that was their sin. No simple blissful life now for mankind.

Jesus came to change all that.

Jesus is no astro-scientist or biologist or psychologist or sociologist or chemist; etc; Jesus taught simple wisdom. Wisdom is about getting on with one another. We see we hear we think we smell we feel we taste we are alive and we use our consciences our brains our heads for good to make life liveable for everyone just as the first Christians tried to do.

“Mans” greatest enemy is his next door neighbour. His enemies are the members of his own family. His enemies are those people in his own church. What I am saying is that “man/woman” has “man/woman” as his worst enemies. We bite each other with our mouths we are flesh cutters. We are on the attack; watch out, the person on the attack could be your best friend. We can die.  

Humanism – is uninspiring it is dry and often waterless it is nature creation based it is wooden at it’s strongest strength it does not have living abundant spirit it is spiritless there are no good leaves for healing here not much good fruit for eating here the rains come but there is no life giving river here eternal life can not be found here there is not much shelter under it’s branches it’s branches are lifeless.

You do not go to humanism to get life the abundant eternal life.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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