When is Jesus Christ returning to this World?

Does Jesus know? No he does not.

If Jesus does not know the time of his return how then is it possible for any human being to know the time of Jesus return.

Many years ago I was at this church meeting. In this meeting the leader spoke about how this reputable teacher of the bible [I wont mention the teachers name] said to people that Jesus told him [the teacher] that he Jesus would be coming back to this world in the teachers natural life time in this world. This teacher at the time was an author of many books writing about biblical matters. How does this teacher know when Jesus is coming back when he Jesus does not know the time for his return? This teacher in certain church circles is [was] recognised for his great teachings on biblical matters. Now this leader in this church meeting might have got it wrong about what the teacher said. Hey we all make mistakes. But this church leader was in certain church circles known as a reputable scholar on biblical matters. The teacher in question to my knowledge has passed away. No Jesus did not return in the teacher’s life time. 

What I am trying to point out is that no one will ever know when Jesus Christ is returning; no one. Why does the Father God not tell Jesus when he Jesus is returning to this earth? Jesus is Gods son should he Jesus not have the right to know the time of his return to earth. The Father God obviously shares alot with his son but not the time of when Jesus returns to the earth. So it’s no good praying to Jesus and asking him when is he returning. We might pray to the Father God and ask him when is Jesus returning but if the Father God will not tell his only begotten son why should he tell us humans. So if you hear someone say that they know when Jesus Christ is returning please do not believe them. When the time for the return of Jesus comes the return will be sudden like a flash of lightening. Jesus will be instructed by the Father God to go back to the earth and Jesus will obey maybe straight away. Jesus will not have to pack any bags or prepare himself he is already prepared for his return.

So like as a sudden flash of lightening Jesus will return and in a blink of an eye we mortals that are saved will be transformed. We will then have immortal bodies. So there will be no warning of Jesus’ return. It will happen like a thief comes to a home at night it will just happen. No one is expecting the thief he just comes without warning.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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