I walk in to the church

I am reminded as I have been so many times in the past by Pentecostal Christians that church is not the building church is the people

Yes I agree, church are the people, but to me it does no harm to call the building where church meets a church

I sit down on a pew

Yes good ole pews not like the nice individual chairs in the modern churches

I am here for God

Not for myself?

For God and myself

I sit quietly yes it is quiet

No noise

Not even a whisper

I sit in silence I listen I see 

I drift of in to thinking

My thinking is like a narrative it is like a story it is a story that I remember I tell my story here

I listen to the silence I love the silence I think and hear my thoughts I am like a preacher telling a story I preach to no one but my story is to be told I tell it here

I am here to listen to God

But I listen to my own thoughts I listen to God in my thoughts my thoughts tell me about God

To listen to God I need silence there is no God in noise

The silence I need is the world’s silence

We hear God in our own silence in the silence of the world

To hear God all people made noise must be quiet

I listen and I know I know God I know God in all people’s silence

The quiet that I need brings with it peace

Peace and quiet go together

To get peace we need to be quiet

No sounds from our mouths no technological sounds from people made inventions no sounds from any apparatus made by people

I am now not disturbed all the noise that I had been bombarded with outside the church has now faded away I am at peace I now do not feel bothered

My thoughts are strong they are as if I am bouncing them off a solid wall I am now in true reflection I reflect off God

I understand more now

God is in the silence in our silence

Understanding comes to me in the silence it comes to my heart


War is made out of noise

People made noise

Peoples talk and peoples inventions noise [electronic and technological].

Peace is made out of quiet

Peoples quiet

All peoples made inventions been all quiet

There are no wars with quiet

Kind regards; Lester John Murray


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