The One Measured Ordered Elegant Universe

 The One Measured Ordered Elegant Beautiful Universe

 The Universe = the Universal Poem

 God the Poet

 I am one.

I am one with the universe [uni – one] [verse – line of a poem]. 

How did the universe come about? The Bible says that God is the Word the living Word. The Bible implies that God spoke in to being the universe. Gods Words created the universe. The Words of God made the entire physical universe. Verses are lines in poetry. The universe is the result of spoken verse.  One verse a one line of poetry made the universe. How do Words make solid material? God knows I certainly don’t know. I do think that the universe first came about due to a big bang. This been an enormous explosion that came from God. God who? Spirit or in this case The Spirit. It takes faith to believe in spirit. So in this big bang an enormous mount of energy is released. In Albert Einstein’s theory E = mc square we have E equalling energy. Energy is also equal to the mass. The energy at the universes beginning was Gods energy creating mass the mass of the entire universe. But did the God Spirit speak in to being the energy. Did the Words of God make this energy? The Bible says that God rested after the universe came about. The release of all this energy must have tired God. God must have used all the energy available to him. When God rests can he accumulate more energy? In a rest state does God generate energy? 

So in the spoken Words of God energy came about and this energy made the physical universe. The energy causes an expanding universe. Scientists say that the universe is slowing down in expansion. Will the universe recoil on it self or implode. Energy lasts just so long. Energy dies out. Take a sun the sun can die out.

The God Spirit according to the Bible spoke in to affect the material universe. The word “universe” implies that God spoke verses or a verse and verse is a line in poetry. So is God to be called a poet. Verses, as apposed to prose, have a metered structure. Prose is writing without metrical structure. Verses are structured metrically. Verses are measured in their composition. The word poem comes from the Greek word poema meaning thing made or created.

So God is a poet. We see poetry in the Bible. King David was a poet he wrote poems called the Psalms. God is the living Word and the living Word is power it is energy and this energy coming from God Spirit created [made] the universe. Energy has to come from somewhere. Energy to make the universe had to come from an intelligent source. Intelligent design is through out the universe. We see a pattern in the universe. We see physical laws making up the universe laws that bring order and not chaos. We have a universe of order made to a logical design. We humans and all life on this planet earth are a result of order not chaos. Humans are not formed out of chaos. We humans have a body that has a unique design. We have order in our human bodies implying an intelligent maker. There is reason behind all the parts of our human bodies. Reason makes intelligence. God is a God of reason. Reason for good brings order. God is good.

God has made a measured universe. The universe has a measured structure. The universe has a dignity about itself expressed in elegance. We have a measured structural elegant universe. God is a God of beauty. God expresses beauty in his poetry. We have a beautiful universe.

God is not a God of chaos he is a God of order. Laws are put there to keep order. There are natural / physical laws and there are spiritual laws. To break these laws we suffer. We uphold all laws either they be spiritual or physical laws.

So the universe is made from a measured verse composed of Words that came from Spirit. These Words were living and made energy. Spiritual energy made physical mass. Measured verse has design and intelligence in it. Intelligence has reason and order. We talk about law and order. Law brings order. God is a law maker. We need laws. Laws will not govern us in heaven.

Prophets speak about “ONE”. Prophets are known for their keen spiritual insight. Prophets discern “oneness” as embodying the very essence of God. God is a ONE God. God is one and he created the one universe. The church has one head as it has one body. There is one God head of the church. Prophets may speak about mono; uni; and other words for one but it is still one.

Energy made the universe and Spirit gave that energy. Spirit is at the heart of the universe. God is a creator [and maybe evolved creatures. But did God evolve himself or is he as the Bible says a God that does not change] we are creatures and we humans are in the image of God. Evolution if it is true has to mean that God evolved too. If true that God evolved that means the Word of God evolved. We are talking about the Word or words evolving. We humans use words and the words we use did they evolve to where they are today. They matured as a tree matures. Words that we use grew and growth brings maturity; maturity brings with it wisdom. Wisdom knows right from wrong. Wisdom is knowledge. So did the word evolve to make a mature wise language? The answer is always in the words. We need words.

I am one; one with the one universe; one with God the maker the poet; one with the Word of God.    

 Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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