The Simple Things are the Best Things in Life

 The simple things in life are the best things in life but only a wise person knows that. Wise people choose the simple things in life including a wife / husband and because of that they are more healthier and happier. Wisdom preserves the wise people because they are people that watch their behaviour. They can watch because they have insight; they see from their spiritual eyes. This insight protects the wise they see trouble when it is coming. The wise people you could say have eyes in the back of their heads. Because the wise act wise their bodies are kept in good health. Wise actions are done in obedience to the God Head. Coming under the God Head above means that the God Head will protect the body. God is simple in thought and action. He is all simple there is no complexity in God at all. God is only complex to the complex mind. God did not make complex; complex is many; complex is worshipping many gods. Complex is about idol worship. Complex is about having many idols. God is “One” not many. God does not have parts He is indivisible. There is no division in God. God is always one. The God Head is one God Head not two God Heads not three God Heads the God Head is always one. We have only to look at ourselves in the mirror to see that God has only one head. We as humans are in the likeness or image of God. God has one head we humans have only one head. One head one body as the church is the body. The church is only one body as we humans have only one body. We humans are unique in God’s creation because we are in the image of God the creator. So there is only one creator God. We as a single human being in the image of God are like as on a micro level of the macro level of the all encompassing triune God. The atom is the micro level of understanding the macro level of the whole physical universe. The same for us enlightened humans we are the micro of understanding the macro of the all wise God. To understand something it is best to go back to that things simple beginning from the first atom or cell. To understand the universe we can look at the atom. The atom can tell us about the universe. So to understand human or animal or plant life we can look at it’s living cell. All the answers are there in the atom and cell to understand the makings of life. To understand the universe more we have to go back to it’s simple beginning. The beginning of the universe called the big bang theory. We get close to understanding God at the beginning. God is simple but wise and the universe is simple. Complexity and wars come from eating of the fruit of knowledge of good and bad as symbolised in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve led the human race down the path of death. The tree of life is about the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. The tree of knowledge [as in the garden of Eden] is about knowing what God knows. Adam and Eve were soulish people and in eating of the fruit of knowledge they got knowledge for their souls. We are not meant to know as God knows in our souls. In Christ we become wise in spirit. God converts the soul the soul is then rested the spirit takes over. We have a human spirit we get wisdom for our human spirit by eating of the fruit of Jesus Christ [the tree of life as in the garden of Eden] who is also Spirit. We learn from God Spirit to human spirit. Our souls can rest. We remain simple in soul but wise in spirit. Our human spirit is in our heart we become wise in heart.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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