At the Heart of every Problem is a Simple Solution

This means that every problem has a heart.

This must mean that the heart is simple.

Simple heart. The physical makeup of the heart must be simple.

To be grounded we must be grounded to our heart.

To be grounded we must be grounded to simplicity.

Simplicity grounds us. Simplicity keeps us sane and in a right mind.

The mind in the head needs to be grounded to the heart the simple heart.

We learn words of by heart. To learn words of by heart they must be simple words for a simple heart.

The heart can only digest simple words and phrases.

To try and learn of by heart complicated phrases we can cause the heart to be troubled.

The heart is simple and only digests simple phrases.

The heart of the matter is at the truth of the matter.

All truth is simple.

The heart needs the simple spiritual food to digest.

Simple truth does not trouble the heart.

All lies are trouble.

We need the simple truth to know right and wrong. Wisdom is truth, simple truth.

The heart to be wise needs God’s Words.

The heart can digest God’s Words because God’s Words are all simple truth.

God’s Words do not trouble us. God’s Words are healing for the heart.

To have a healthy heart is to feed it only simple truth. A healthy heart means a healthy mind and thus a healthy body. To not be grounded in God’s simplicity of thought from the heart means that the minds thoughts in the head are lead in to erroneous area’s.

The mind/soul needs to be grounded in a simple heart based on simple Godly understanding. To be otherwise one deviates from the truth.

The heart needs spiritual food and that food is in Word.

In our heart is our human spirit. Our human spirit feeds on God’s simple truth and grows/matures to be wise. We begin simple and become wise. To become wise of the world from human mankind manifestations of wisdom we may pervert our human spirit thus perverting our mind/soul and thus our bodies become perverted. Human wisdom is just that based on humanism of thought and not based on God’s Word. Human wisdom is likened to the strength of a tree it relies on nature and in nature the tree and it’s wood symbolises the strength of nature.

God’s word is not nature it is not nature worship at all. Man’s wisdom is of this world but God’s wisdom is of above. God’s wisdom is all pure unalloyed of one substance. Man’s wisdom is complex and has many divisions that can fall like a pack of cards falling.

The heart is a simple organ. The human spirit is simple. We must not trouble the heart. We need to feed it the simple truth. Simple is pure unadulterated truth. We worship the “one” God and keep our hearts in the “one” simple truth. We must look after our heart as we must look after our soul.

“At the heart of every problem is a simple solution”.

If the problem is mankind – then the solution to mankind’s problem is in the heart of mankind. The heart has the solution. But we have to feed the heart the solution. The heart needs food spiritual food. There is spirit, soul, and body. The spirit is at the heart of things as it is at the heart of mankind. Spirit is where the solution is. We must feed the solution from God Spirit to human spirit. Spirit is fed from spirit.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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