Silence is Golden

Silence is like gold.

Silence is precious as gold is precious.

Silence is quietness.

We speak about “peace and quiet”.

Peace goes with been quiet.

To be quiet is to be at peace.

There is no war without noise.

To have peace means to have no war.

War and noise go together just as peace and quiet go together.

“Make peace not war”.

To make peace make quiet.

Quiet is golden as silence is golden.

We listen to God our creator when all mankind’s noises are silenced.

Mankind is from birth trying to make as much noise as possible to make their mark.

Mankind is like each of us humans trying to blow their trumpets to compete in making the most noise to be recognised.

We humans are recognised for our noise.

We humans make noise to get attention. We humans are attention seekers. We want and we want so we make noise. We want people to notice us. We want to be the centre of attention. We want to be God not god.

God is only listened to in the silence. We humans have to be quiet to listen to the Words of God.

We never have peace without been quiet.

The more noise the more possibility of war.

People die in war not in peace.

It is wiser to stay quiet and listen then to make alot of noise and act like a fool.

The fool talks alot. The wise stay quiet.

The wise listen.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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