God is Heard in the Silence – but sometimes there can be many distractions

Stand class.

Smithers stand boy; you sleeping again.

Sorry sir.

Meet Mr. Ramsbottom.

[All the class] Good morning Mr. Ramsbottom.

Mr. Ramsbottom will teach you religion this morning.

Sit class.

[First teacher leaves the classroom]

I  have a spiritual exercise to perform.

What’s spirit sir?

Spirit is of God and is invisible. We humans have a spirit as well as a soul.

What’s soul sir?

Soul is our intellect and emotions. In this exercise we will concentrate on spirit.

Now everyone be very quiet for 10 minutes.

Why sir?

You will find out.

Ok now very quiet.

Sir I can not hear anything.

Listen and you will.

Sir can I go to the toilet.

Go then go.

Sir sir.

What is it?

Jenkins threw a paper clip at me.


Sir I am back.

Go to your seat and be quiet.

[ring ring ring]

Whose mobile phone is that?

Sorry sir.

Turn it off. Listen. Can you hear it?

Hear what sir?


No sir I did not hear God.

Of course if you had been silent you would have. God is in silence our silence. He’s the architect behind all creation. God emanates through His creation. In time you listen from within. Your heart begins to listen. Your spirit begins to listen. You begin to wake up spiritually. We are not just flesh and bone but we are spirit [as well as soul]. Spirit communes with God our maker. Spirit, Gods Spirit gives life.

But sir there was too much noise distracting us to be able to hear God.

Exactly class too many distractions. Class dismissed.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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