The One Cent Donation – The Ruse of the Century

 That will be three dollars and ninety nine cents.

Two dollars; one dollar; fifty cents; two forty cents; five cents; that’s three dollars and ninety five cents.

Another four cents sir and we will be even.

What does a four cent coin look like?

I do not know sir I am new at my job here. I am straight from school.

Hold on here what’s this in my wallet? Is this four cents? Its small enough in size so it must be a small amount.

Let me look at the coin sir. It’s certainly a small coin. But it says five on it. It must be a five cent coin.

Sorry sir but that is too much with five cents; we need four cents.

Hold on; this is frustrating. What’s this? no that’s a twenty cent coin. I can not find a four cent coin.

Any problems miss.

The customer can not find the right amount for a pair of socks.

Is sir trying to be difficult.

Who are you?

I am the floor manager sir.

Can you help me I am trying to find four cents?

Can I have the socks back sir?

But I want to pay for them.

Then sir will have to pay the four cents.

But I do not have four cents.

Sir is trying to be difficult. Could you please return the socks and leave the store.

No I will not.

Miss; please ring security.

Hey what’s going on here I am not a criminal.

Morning Mr Smith; is there a problem.

Sir will not pay the remaining four cents on a pair of socks.

I have five cents but not four cents.

Will sir pay the five cents and make a donation of one cent to the store.

Why should I make a donation? I will give five cents and I want a cent change.

Miss do you have a one cent coin.

Hold on I will look in the till. Sorry I have no one cent coins.

Sir you will have to make a one cent donation or you will have to return the socks and leave the store.

No darn it you are not a charity I will not make a one cent donation to the store.

If you do not return the goods and leave we will have to ring the police.

Here take the darn socks I am leaving.

[Socks costing $3.99 probably will need darning]

[Why do shops charge goods with ninety nine cents on the costs?]

[There is no such thing as ninety nine cents]

[Who’s pulling the wool over who’s eyes]

[Is the ‘ninety nine’ cost a ‘get smart’ ruse or is it ‘chaos’ inspired. (T.V. Series)].

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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