Wisdom-Is it Found in Complexity or in Simplicity

 Nakedness and embarrassment were the first consequences of the decision to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve become aware of themselves in a way that was novel to them. But they did not immediately die; they became conscious of their mortality, and they became conscious of their creatureliness. [This comment was made by a Allen Dyer – obtained off the internet]. 

Lester : They became aware of their physicalness. The knowledge that Adam and Eve ate of was the knowledge of good and bad in the physical sense. We humans are spirit and soul. Spirit and soul are not physical. We think in our minds – the mind is the thinking part of the soul. Thoughts are not physical. Thoughts are invisible. Thoughts are words. Words are not physical. The Father God is invisible He is not physical. He God knows all about physical but I do not think that God intended Adam an Eve to know all about physical. Spiritual bliss is just that living without cares of the physical. Once Adam had eaten the fruit of knowledge of physical he was cast out of paradise to work hard physically all his life. Adam reaped physical hardness for pursuing physical. Eve also suffered a physical punishment for pursuing physical knowledge. Eve suffered physical suffering in child birth. Jesus Christ came in to this world in physical to point the way back to the invisible non physical Father God. Physical is consuming mankind now in a large proportion. We are losing our senses of the invisible God. We see but we do not see we hear but we do not hear. Our spirits have become dull. Young people especially are losing their sanity. Advertising and consumer items all in the physical. Our God has become amongst other things “materialism”. We worship materialism and to get it we worship money we want money for materialism – all physical. Mankind now is consumed in his quest to understand the physicalness of the universe. Now a days it’s a lot about physical not spiritual. We humans are dying spiritually and living all for physicalness. We humans are worshipping the physical body. We are worshipping Mother nature. We humans are turning away from worshipping the Father to worship the Mother [nature – creation]. The human race is becoming more and more perverted [turning away]. The Mother did not create it was the Father that created.

Wisdom  –  Is it found in complexity or in simplicity

People think it is clever to think complex. When someone has a problem to solve they think that the more complex the problem is the more complex the solution has to be.

Simplex is “one”. Complex is “many”. To find the answer to a complex many problem one has to not keep the problem at many but to refine it down to one that is simplex. In our seeing from our eyes to keep focused we must focus on one spot. To keep focused we must also endeavour to think of the “one”. One what? one item one thing but it has to be one. Our eyes are made to focus on one point. Complex is not been focused. Complex is many and spreads our focus making confusion. Complex creates confusion unless the complex is refined down to a “one”. We can know everything from the “one”. If we look at the lowest denominator in the building blocks of life the “atom” we can understand most of the physical universe. So the smallest “one” can tell us alot. Just as a plant or organism cell can tell us lots about plant and creature life.
We are taught about the “One” God. Not many gods but “one”. We are taught that we are in a spiritual journey in life. How many journeys? “One” journey. To worship many gods creates confusion and we are unfocused. To focus on one creates a sharpness in our minds that helps us to keep sane.

Sanity is doing away with the bad thoughts. Sanity is to do with sanitation. Sanitation is doing away with the waste. Waste in thinking is the bad thoughts. To focus on the “One” God a God of purity keeps the bad thoughts out. And this in turn keeps the waste out. Mind over matter. Mind in its thinking has charge over the body. We become sharp in our minds if we keep out the bad thinking. To be a regular person we think good thoughts. To think good is to think wise. Wise thoughts are sane thoughts. Insanity is dwelling in bad thoughts and this leads to delusion. To think badly is to be amongst bad thinking people and badness tends towards lies and lies can deceive. Deception deludes. So complex can lead to insanity and deluded thoughts. Deluded is believing that lies are true. 

So “mankind” can be deluded in to thinking that the clever way to solve complex problems is to use further complexity to solve the complex problems. Far from the truth. Complex does not solve complex. That is a delusion. Simplex solves complex. The “one” solves the “many”. It is not clever to think complex. Simplex is easier and far wiser to think in. Look at an atom under a microscope alot of learning just there.

Albert Einstein came up with a theory of relativity. He no doubt started with complexity but he refined the theory down to one single small equation. Single as in simple equation. People usually start with complexity because people have become complex. People make complexity. God the creator is “One” and has always been “One”. God has not changed ever. To look and understand the “ONE” true God is to understand everything. No need to go anywhere else to know everything but just to this “ONE” person God. No need to go to many people no need to go to millions of people to find the understanding of life but just to “One” person God. Speak to Him and listen in your heart. With God you will perceive the truth. God is in Word and we learn in Word. We listen in Word.

Seeking truth in this world is to some so hard. People go to hear this guru and that guru. Each guru they learn from lightens up their pockets. Gurus cost money. Guru knowledge is not free it is very expensive. Gurus become gods to their followers and at their peak of godness they even might say that they are Jesus Christ. But people want someone to follow. In the guru’s case it is the blind leading the blind. Eventually the guru might lead their followers as the saying goes “of a cliff”. A cliff to hell. Guru’s can be false prophets. They can have prophetic insight but use their insight to as the saying goes “to feather their own nests”.  False prophets are not serving God the creator they are serving themselves. False prophets are not called by God. God did not send them.

Is God simple? Is God complex? Does God the creator confuse us humans? Did God originally make us humans simple? Even if evolution is true that still does not do away with creation been created. We are creatures and will always be creatures. God may have created and then life evolved. It’s a possibility. Adam and Eve can still have been the first people to have souls. Soul mind same area. Mind maybe the thinking part of the soul. Were Adam and Eve two complex persons or were they very simple persons. They lived in a garden of simplicity. Walking around in naked simplicity. The simplicity of thought and life left Adam and Eve once they were put outside Eden and living in the wild. So what was the downfall of Adam and Eve? The bible says it was their eating fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In today’s terms what is this knowledge? This knowledge that Adam and Eve acquired made them know like God. This knowledge was the “original sin”. So what is this knowledge? Who knows? Do the theologians know? Does the Pope know? Are we humans still participating of this original sin? When Jesus Christ was on this earth did he teach about the physical sciences? If not why not? Did Jesus tell the disciples about the “atom”? What about life on other planets did Jesus teach about that? Is spiritual knowledge nothing to do with the physical sciences? But does not learning about the physical sciences make one wise. Wise of this world knowing as God knows. Physical dies as our physical body’s die – is learning physical just burdening our human spirits.

So what is real wisdom? And where do we find it? Real wisdom is eternal wisdom. Physical wisdom dies out but spiritual wisdom goes on either to hell or heaven. There is the dark spiritual wisdom and there is the light spiritual wisdom. Light is of God and darkness is of Satan. So we have spiritual wisdom and we have physical wisdom.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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