Science – A Pseudo Religion

Science:  From Old French – “science”, from Latin – “scientia” meaning knowledge.

Conscience: From Latin – “conscientia” meaning knowledge within oneself [a moral sense].

From com- “with” + scire “to know.

When we humans speak or write about science in most cases we are referring to the physical sciences. Physics is a big thing in this world we humans want to know as much about our physical surroundings as we can.

But there is another science that humans do know about. As said there is a physical science thus been knowledge of the physical universe that we can learn via our senses. This other science is also knowledge but a knowledge that is inner. We humans because we are soul / spirit and physical body have the potential to know what is outside us and also know what is inside us. God says “The kingdom of God is within”. Now what does an inner kingdom have to do with an inner knowledge? First; are we part of this inner kingdom? To be part of this inner kingdom means we are better able to understand it. Otherwise not been in this kingdom it is fruitless for one outside it to understand it. This inner kingdom is only spiritually discerned. So this inner kingdom is a spiritual kingdom. Are we living for the spirit or for the flesh? To live for the flesh one will be blinded, not able to discern spirit. So we exist in the physical body and want to know as much as we can about our physical existence; is that clever to learn about the physical; clever people would say so. Or is it clever to learn about the inner knowledge. Scientists are known not for learning the inner knowledge but learning the outer physical knowledge. Scientists even will say that an inner kingdom does not exist. They might even say it is foolish to believe in an inner kingdom. Christians might even say that the kingdom within is not meaning an inner kingdom but a spiritual kingdom of this world. The Bible does say that the Prince of this world is Satan. The word Satan means enemy so this world belongs to the enemy of Christians. So where does the power and authority for Christians come from? The answer is within. A kingdom within – what nonsense people will say. People will say that power depends on a person’s position and wealth in the world. In other words people submit and obey position and wealth; spiritual power and authority is laughed at. But people of position suffer in body against power and authority of God. Flesh and bone is no match for Spirit of God. Also Satan has an army of evil spirits and they live in the world controlling as much as they can. The Christians living in the kingdom of God and spiritually discerning are able to be a stronghold against the evil manifestations of Satan’s army.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden this fruit makes one as wise as God. You will know as God knows. You will know all. What does God know? Does he know all about the atom? Does he know the chemistry periodic table? Does God know Einstein’s theory of relativity? Now let us look in to the future knowing as God knows. In the way future we humans might travel at the speed of light; why not all things are possible if we know as God knows. It will just take time. And time is what we have plenty of. We will in the future be able to create yes create life. It is all possible. Humans will make humans. Star Trek the movie with all the scientific stuff may be possible with some changes. Aliens on other planets; something I can not accept.

Did not Adam and Eve mess up by eating the fruit of knowledge? But why was this fruit in the garden in the first place? Adam and Eve mere creatures; they are not all wise and understanding; they are simple people; you can not expect humans who are simple in nature to be all wise. Now there was a snake in the garden that was clever. Yoo hoo God why put a clever cunning snake in the Garden of Eden? Eden is meant to be paradise on this earth. Why make opportunities for Adam and Eve to sin? Children are that children and make mistakes. Having the fruit there of knowledge is only but tempting. Did the Garden of Eden exist or was it just all an analogy in the Bible to teach people. Eden is a possibility. But this tree of knowledge is maybe an analogy. But what do I know?

God to me is all simple but at the same time all knowledgeable. So God knows all and can do all but is still all simple. Simple thought all pure and powerful but all knowing scary to some to think that God could be simple. But simple is good when simple is all good. Simple of this world is known as foolish but God is above in heaven and simple in heaven is wise not foolish. God rules from above he can see all he can hear all he is in complete control in heaven. Simple is the powerbase because simple has no attachments it is one. The oneness is powerful because it can not be broken up. Simple is pure and this purity is all one. Nothing can get inside purity of oneness. There are no divisions in a pure oneness.

Now if Adam and Eve were all simple and pure how was evil able to lurk in their minds? They both were simple and pure but were not wise. The Garden of Eden was a paradise and you only had to be simple in paradise. You did not have to know all to live in bliss. Ignorance bliss is ok in a place where there should have been no evil but there was evil and why was there evil? The Jewish religion must have understood the knowledge that Adam and Eve consumed in obedience to the dark Evil side. “Knowing as God knows” Satan would say and continue to say with relish. You will become like God you will do things that God does. Hey humans creating humans and humans travelling at the speed of light. There is no end to been God for us humans until God wants to finish it all. As the saying goes “He who has the first say has the last say”. So when we get to heaven does all our hard earned knowledge go with us or does it burn off in the ascension. Does it help to know all about jet propulsion in heaven? Is it good to know all about world history, facts and figures included, in heaven? Or is it better to be in ignorant bliss in heaven and just enjoy the place. In other words is it best just to know God in a relationship way. Love God and understand true love. Understanding of God is about knowing God and knowing about people. God looks at the heart and knows what people are thinking. In heaven is it all about thought and thinking pure and loving thoughts. Do we have to know about the periodic table in heaven will it help us in knowing it there? Do we study in heaven? I think not. Knowing God is all about relationship. Einstein’s theory of relativity is about relating. In this case it is physical relating but in God it is in spiritual relating. So are we preparing for eternal life in heaven above or do we not care where we go after our natural death. Our purpose in this life; is it all about preparing for the next life.

Conscience knows right and wrong. But is conscience the knowing that Adam and Eve consumed from the tree of knowledge in Eden. Or was the tree of knowledge in Eden knowledge of the physical universe. If the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden is the physical sciences then mankind is still consuming this knowledge. “Once eaten never forgotten” as the saying goes. Mankind wants to know as God knows. Leave God out of the equation and let Mankind be the top of all. Humanism to the full; human spirit can achieve anything if it tries hard enough. But humanism is like a cancer in the end it eats us up. It destroys us. We humans destroy ourselves because we live apart from God.

So go home make time to get to know your children. Get to know your friends. Give to those less off than you. Spend more time with your spouse. In your spare time help out at a charity. Give presents to your children and spouse. Take an interest in your children’s and spouses life. Don’t judge or gossip about other people. Einstein spoke about relativity and relativity is where it is at we humans are all in one big relativity. If Adam and Eve were the first soul humans then we humans are all relatives of each other. So love one another and speak well of one another. So is science relative – does it relate to us. Humans relate to each other, what about science? Does science have ears does it listen does it smell does it taste does it see. Is science a god that people worship?

Thinking about science further I need to write about the social sciences such as philosophy and sociology. I have studied sociology and found it full of what we call humanism. Psychology might be also called a social science. The question is do I also include social sciences [along with physical science] as the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Science is linked to the age of enlightenment where reason dominated as the rule. This age of enlightenment was about doing away with religion and its confining religious dogma and allowing one to be a free thinker. Religion for many centuries was the rule especially the Christian religion. With the coming of the age of enlightenment there came with it “humanism” and the anti God sentiment. People blamed religion for keeping them ignorant and under control of the priests. Religion they said was manmade made to control people by the few. People wanted freedom and they saw knowledge of the sciences as their way of freedom. But like everything in this world if we worship something it becomes an idol and a trap. We become enslaved by what we worship.

God is Spirit and in worshipping him we are really truly free. Jesus Christ sets us free. Rules and regulations [laws] do not set us free. “The true worshippers of God worship Him in truth and spirit” [Bible: Gospel of John 4:24]. The true worshippers of God are free.


1 Corinthians 1:17 …”He sent me to tell the Good News, and to tell it without using the language of human wisdom”.

1 Corinthians 1:23 “As for us, we proclaim the crucified Christ, a message that is offensive to the Jews and nonsense to the gentiles”.

1 Corinthians 1:30 …”God has made Christ to be our wisdom. By him we are put right with God”.

1 Corinthians 2:2 “For while I was with you, I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and especially his death on the cross”.

1 Corinthians 3:13 “So then, we do not speak in words taught by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit”.

Regards; Lester John Murray.


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  1. Devon and Andrea Stallard Says:

    Good reading.

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